Jan 18, 2012

Still Kicking

I have been knee deep in files trying to organize and clean my office in anticipation of maternity leave (which is scheduled to begin at the end of January, with the baby penciled in for a Friday arrival).  Have y'all seen the Descendants?  If not, go see it (I know, I'm late on this one).  Anyway, George Clooney's character's office in the film?  Very realistic depiction of a transactional real estate attorney's office in my experience.  I felt rather validated in fact.

Anyway, I can now see the carpet in my office.  This is a positive as I can't see my toes. . .

Jan 6, 2012

Back in Action (and 36 Weeks)

Okay, the insanity of December in a transactional law practice is over, and I am easing myself back into social media.  So, I have plenty of things to share with y'all, but let's get the scary part out of the way first.

I'm nine months pregnant.

You can really see my moon-pie face in this one.  I have either begin to swell due to pregnancy, or all that country ham I ate the other day.  I can't believe I am putting these pictures on the world wide web.

Anyway, I am feeling as good as one can when they have an extra 28 pounds attached to their midsection.  The baby "dropped" Christmas day, and I have felt much more comfortable since. 

The whole "New Year, New You" line is taking on a entirely different meaning this year.  My beloved convertible has been traded in for a more car seat friendly wagon.  I love my new ride, but it was a bit of a shock at Target the other day- parked in the expectant mother spot (along with eating Frito's, it's a luxury I will soon be without), and threw a bag full of toiletries for the hospital and baby stuff in the back of my mommy mobile.

Good thing it is so pretty.

Had a great (last!) appointment at the high risk doctor Wednesday- the bean is growing great! Looking like this baby is just a late bloomer like its mama (there is a reason why pictures of my adolescence are not posted on this blog, friends), and will be a normal size when it makes its arrival.

After being hammered with pre-term labor warnings,  I am not dilated yet at 36 weeks, which is wonderful.  My procedure is tentatively planned for the 26th, but I'm sure that will change after one of my now weekly doctor's appointments.  My bag is packed, so I am ready.  Nursery is not quite there yet, but hopefully after this weekend. . .

Anyway,  I am so excited to catch up with all of you!  Fill me in on Christmas and New Years!