Jan 27, 2017

FIVE on Friday!


I can't believe it. I didn't think I would mind five.  I was wrong.

It started with getting our last Dolly Parton book earlier this month- "Ready for Kindergarten" and a goodbye letter from Dolly.

Then only one preschool registration form from her school.  Just Deeds'.

I always laughed at my friends who cried about 5 and kindergarten.
Karma is a bitch.

So- ONE.





How we love this wild, brave and kind little girl.  She wants to be a dog groomer, scientist, paleontologist, cook, and artist when she grows up.  She likes dinosaurs, not dolls (yet plays "family" with her dinos).  Her loyalty and love of family and friends knows no bounds.

I'm so proud to call her my daughter. She inspires me and exasperates me daily.  When I asked why she was being so rambunctious yesterday, she replied "God just made me this way, Mama. It's who I am!"  And I wouldn't have her any other way!

Jan 26, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I went to Aldi the other day to pick up some groceries.  Honestly, I think I did it wrong.  I spent the same as I normally do, but didn't get much food.  Tips, please?

  • Don't you love when you turn to a cookbook page and it's stained and spattered?  Always a sign of a well-loved recipe.

 This is for Nathalie Dupree's Cajun Country Meatloaf.  It's the bomb.  I will share at some point.

  • Look at this cutie!  Tommy was just giggling and flirting last night instead of going to sleep.  I couldn't stop loving on him!

 He just transitioned out of swaddle and Rock N Play Sleeper into the crib and sleep suit for bedtime. It's going well so far!  I still have him in the Rock N Play for naps.

 Other biggies in Tommy world?  First day of "school" on Tuesday- he is going once a week.

And he's facing outward in the Baby Bjorn now!  So fun!

  • Finally, did y'all know that the Limited closed?  I am really bummed- they had great (machine washable) basics that were always on sale.  It was my secret mall store weapon.
  • I bought some bookshelves for the kids' room from a friend who is redoing her son's room.  I am overly excited about organizing books and toys.  Time for new bins!!
Deeds is also a fan!

Joining the girls for Thoughts on Thursday!


Jan 20, 2017

Five on Friday- Fun Finds

1. Estate Sale Goodies

Have I infected y'all with the estate sale bug yet?  I went to a wonderful one last week. I wanted to rip down all the curtains and valances and take them home, but sadly that was not allowed.
 I did nab this beautiful signed watercolor for $15!
 And SIXTEEN full place settings of this everyday china.  For $85!  Now it's time for a dinner party.  Go to https://www.estatesales.net and check out what's happening in your local.  It's so addictive.  I love a good treasure hunt!

2.  Marsala Sauce

Last night I made this sauce- double the mushroom. Easy and delicious!  It was so good served over leftover pork tenderloin, along with spinach and parslied angel hair pasta.  I'm thinking of making a big batch for the freezer- perfect to serve over pork or chicken!

3.  Bubbly Mask

 My bank account had the misfortune of me having to do a solo target run after the kids were down earlier this week.  I snagged this mask, and it is awesome!  It fizzes up, so you have about an inch of bubbles on your face.  Tingly bubbles!  I have no clue whether it did anything, but it certainly was a lovely addition to my nightly hot bath.

4.  Sleep Water

I've been having a tough time going to be early enough.  I know Tommy is going to wake up at some point, but I start reading, or cleaning, or various other task that aren't sleeping.  This water knocks me out!  I fear that it is awful for me, because I love it!  It's magical.
Solid sleep without being too groggy to feed him at 4 o'clock in the morning?  Miraculous.

5.  The Greenbrier-
Check out this week's post about the Greenbrier.  I'm ready to go back tomorrow!
So thank you to the Five on Friday gals! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jan 18, 2017

A Magical Weekend at the Greenbrier

We spent last weekend at the Greenbrier Resort for Morgan's dad's 80th birthday.   I was a big ball of stress leading up to the trip- heading to a nice hotel with a 4 year old, newly potty-trained 2 year old, and an infant was, quite frankly, terrifying.  Just the packing alone was a massive feat of organization, aided by copious lists scribbled on my ever-present yellow legal pads.

We arrived Friday at lunchtime, ate lunch at Draper's, got settled in the room, then met up with the cousins for bowling!  I have two new bowling fans now- I wish I had a picture of Dell Harper in her bowling shoes.  It was absolutely adorable.

A babysitter arrived around 5:30- we had conveniently met her earlier, as she also works at the toy store at the resort.  Amanda was fabulous!  I said goodbye to all three kiddos, and they settled in for some television and room service.  They were in hog heaven!

Outfit matching decor perfectly?  Goals achieved.

We met the rest of the family for Italian at Forum, then hit up the casino for a little gambling (the boys), and Prosecco and people watching (me).

Saturday morning we breakfasted at the buffet in the main dining room, which was outstanding, albeit a little stressful with the kiddos.  I could have lingered over my hot tea and tried each delicious item.  Alas, that is not my stage in life.  Instead, I explored every bit of the hotel with amped up kiddos, and Tommy in the stroller.  We rode a lot of elevators. And admired a lot of snow.
 I was busy admiring the decor.

Then we met Morgan's brother, sister and nephew at the pool for the kids to do some swimming.

 I was dying to go for a swim, but we headed off for our tour of the bunker that was built to house all of Congress during the Cold War in case of fall out from a nuclear attack.

It was fascinating.

It was also about 45 minutes too long.  Plus our tour guide went over- causing Morgan and I to panic a bit, since I had to feed Tommy.  My poor sister-in-law was stuck with a hungry, tired baby.  So we tried to sneak out at the end.  Due to my explorations with Dell Harper and Deeds, I knew my way out.  Morgan whispered, "C'mon, let's just go" and we sidled our way to the exit.  Immediately to be reprimanded, "SIR! If you will step into the dining area, you will see where members of Congress would have eaten food. . ."  BUSTED.

As soon as we got to the wrap up area, Morgan whispered, "GO!", and I dashed for the elevator and snuck out successfully.  HA!

After the bunker tour, it was time for my most-anticipated event!  A SLEIGH RIDE.  Drawn by horses.  In the snow!!

Do you see how excited I am?  Also, how warm?  It was 6 degrees.  Plus the wind-chill.  I gave Morgan my hat.  I didn't even need it!

 He asked me the night before we left if I brought a warm coat.  I replied, "Yes, I packed the warmest coat I have."  He looked a bit askance that I would be tromping around West Virginia in my full length mink (vintage, PETA peeps, no worries).  It's really the only winter coat I have.  Plus, I was nice and toasty.  And glamorous.
About five minutes in, Deeds finally piped up.  He turned to me and asked "When we gonna start flying?"  It liked to break my heart.  Poor buddy thought we were on Santa's sleigh.  I explained that it only flies when Santa is on it with his magic.  He nodded thoughtfully, then went back to snuggling between us and looking around.
 This little girl did a lot of complaining about the sub-artic temperatures. then promptly lay in the snow as soon as we finished our sleigh ride.  Hatless! I was cracking up!

Snow angels and snowball fights promptly ensued, much to my amusement.

Saturday evening we left the kiddos to room service and the sitter, and headed into nearby Lewisburg.  My father in law attended Greenbrier Military Academy for high school.  They have a little alumni museum that houses memorabilia from the school.  After almost two hours spent on the bunker tour, I was feeling a little museum/history fatigue.

However, I was instantly re-energized once I started poking around.  I've never met a library or a bit of research I didn't love, and I pounced on yearbooks and football team pictures and photos from dances held at the Greenbrier in the mid 50's .

Basketball picture, and Senior Picture.  According to the yearbook, my father-in-law was quite popular with the gals at the nearby girls' school.

We had a lovely birthday celebration dinner in Lewisburg, then headed to bed.

In the midst of mass chaos trying to leave, I begged my family for one good picture of all of us.  Mom guilt game?  Running hot here.

You see the crease in my forehead?  Trying to get this one photo with four recacitrant participants might necessitate me getting botox.  I'm framing every single shot, by damn.

Hmmm, you made it to the end.  Synopsis?  Go to the Greenbrier.  It's really fun even with 3 kids under the age of five.  In negative degree weather.  Dell Harper cried when we got home because she missed the hotel so much.  I concurred with that sentiment.
This is Deeds at afternoon tea.  He concurs as well.