Mar 23, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

The other day I was bopping along looking at all the spring blooms.  At a stoplight, while listening to my gospel station on the satellite radio, I started getting really into "Oh Happy Day!".  I mean, there might have been rhythmic clapping involved. 

Problem is- I had my top down, (convertible not apparel).  People are staying at me for a full cycle of a red light, while I gave a full gospel performance.  Lovely.

How could I not get excited though when these are in my yard and out my window?

My pansies have magically come back to life succumbed to my superior gardening skills, and my daffodils have sprung!
The best is my saucer magnolia- I could look at these purple and white blooms for ages.  I adore all these surprises popping in in my first spring in our little stone house.
Of course, these are popping up as well. . .but I'll think about those later right?

Also, thank y'all so much for the lovely compliments on my dress I wore in Dallas.  It's Lilly Pulitzer, and I can't find it on the website.  However, you can call Palm Village, and order it.  The ladies there are  awesome and super helpful- it's called the Vera Tunic Dress.  Happy shopping!

How Much Is That Buddy in the Window?

 So like most people who love their dogs*, I sing to Buddy quite often.  His new "original" (most of his songs are covers with his name and words like furry and cute and lick inserted), goes like this "Who is the furriest dog in the world?  Buddy Bear [insert our last name], that's who!" The second verse goes "He is so furry, I love him so, never ever gonna let him go", then back to the first. 

Back up Lennon/McCartney.  Your songwriting skills ain't got nothing on Buddy/Samma!
*Based on a survey of Virge, Anner and myself last weekend.  Virge does not sing to her pets.  Anner songs include such tunes as White Patch Lady, which we were all picturing in the "Lady In Red" vein.  It's a little peppier, but I think she needs to do a remix ballad version. R. Kelly style.

My family's old golden retriever, Marley- the biggest golden retriever in the world, had quite the musical career.  His favorite was "I'm big, I'm bad, I bite you, I don't care".  When he got a little soulful, he liked to sing "Hey Food" to the tune of Hey Jude.  Obviously, he was incredibly talented.

So are y'all like Virge, and don't truly love your animals don't sing to your pups?  Or are your pets musical geniuses?  Let's hear it, folks!

Mar 22, 2011

The Big D

 So I had an exceptional weekend with my favorite ladies in Dallas to see our dear friend Baber get married.  We rolled in a little late to make the rehearsal dinner, but had a blast at Javier's, sipping skinny margs, and meeting the wonderful Kate (hurrah!).  The next day we recovered with french fries and lounging by the pool, then got all gussied up for the wedding.   A lady at the hotel took this shot which cracked us up.  I guess she liked our shoes?
We got to catch up with old friends from college that I hadn't seen in a coon's age, like Emily and Josh.  You have to check out Josh's greeting card company- J-Dig Cards 

Now, if you don't have a sense of humor are easily offended, please don't check these cards out.  Although Josh's mom said that there was only one which bothered her.  This is one of my favorites.  Hee.

Hmmm, some things don't change.  Here's a picture from Baber's slide show of senior (?) year of college.  That was 8 years ago (maybe I need to re-read this post).  I'm wearing a poncho because it's Cinco De Mayo (and it was pouring rain, so the thing ended up smelling like a wet woolly dog- lovely).

I don't know why this picture won't post right.  However, I adore it, so it's staying.

Steve got the garter, and Hess caught the bouquet.

Virge and I found a Rolls Royce.  Her car model skills are far superior to mine.  Seems like I would have picked up some moves along the way with all those car shows I attended growing up.
We headed to the Ritz, entranced by Kate's promises of amazing people watching, and the possibility of seeing high-end hookers (we don't have those in East Tennessee, I don't think.  Of course, I have no idea- they could be running rampant, and I am oblivious.  Always a strong possibility).

Tron and Anner made a new friend.
While I deduced that the lady in the tight red dress with her bosoms hanging out was indeed an escort.

Well, to be fair, this deduction was based solely on her outfit.  So escort, or really bad taste in clothes.  I tried to convince several people to go ask her how much her hourly rate was.  Because they are not idiots, have common sense, For some completely unknown reason, all of my friends refused.  Some friends. 


Anyway, wonderful girls' trip.  Congratulations to Baber on his beautiful bride and wonderful wedding! 

Ladies, I will see you again in the middle of April for Kinger's wedding, then again in the middle of June for Anner's.  Thank goodness- although the month break is probably good.  My face hurts from talking and laughing so much. 

Mar 17, 2011

On Aging

Here's lovely MOH at her birthday party- doesn't look a day over 22 does she?  Her party was fun as all get out, and reassured me that although my best friend is now thirty, we are not old yet.

The basketball game was in full swing when everyone arrived, so that was on in the den, and the living room.

While we finished setting out flowers in Leigh's favorite shade of pink.

Presiding over her table of eats- tots with Parmesan peppercorn ranch, chipolte ketchup, and honey mustard, nuggets from chick-fil-a, sloppy Joe sliders, and mac and cheese.

And a leaning tower of cupcakes, consumed post dance party.  I busted up some Jazzercise moves, never fear. Paige, Darin, Surrat and Kim were awesome co-hosts.

While I was working my tail off at Bag-A-Bargain last weekend, the annual SAE boxing tournament was taking place at the building next door.  We were quite amused watching the all the chugging in the parking lot, and girls wearing the skimpiest dresses I have laid eyes on with cowboys boots.  Now the arena where it takes place does get brutally hot, due to all the packed in drunks people.  However, if it's hot enough that your dress can't cover up your good china, you don't need to be wearing boots!

Okay, rant over, time for musings.

So I was laughing to myself, remembering Leigh and I at boxing tournaments while we were on college- I would come up from Georgia to attend, and  to drink copious amount of beer cheer on my friends. 10 years later, I'm a young matron headed to my volunteer work while bemusedly watching the youngins stumble into the arena.  It doesn't seem long ago that we were piling in SUV's, or loading up Leigh's Acura Legend with our coolers to attend, so it seems bizarre that I have changed and grown up in these ten years. 

The thing is, if you told my nineteen year old self that ten years later I'd be passing by in my husband's SUV loaded to the brim with stuff for Junior League, I would have thought "Well, that sounds about right, how many children do I have by now?"  I also would be dismayed at my ranch house, since I am a new convert to the wonders of one level living.  The lawyer thing would also be a shock, but young matron on BAB committee was probably about what I had envisioned.  Being on the cusp of thirty was old. 

 I'm glad to know that old people overserve themselves, stay up until the wee hours of the morning, bust out the Tupac, and have dance parties in their living rooms.  Hmmm, not that I did any of that, of course.

 I'll be back with my Mac and Cheese recipe- it's worth turning thirty for!

Mar 15, 2011

Kindred Spirits

So after mentioning my love of reading the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery, while curled up under the heady yellow blooms of a forsythia, I was tickled to see Anne of Green Gables pop up on my Kindle.   I have not reread Anne Shirley's adventures since my childhood, such rereading being long overdue.  99 cents later, I was entranced in Avonlea and longing for puffed sleeves.

I have stayed up entirely too late the last couple of nights, entranced- becoming angry when people insult poor little Anne, and getting weepy when Anne refuses Gilbert Blythe.  How can you not have a crush on Gilbert Blythe?  But, infinitely more satisfying than Jo's refusal of Teddy to marry some old German professor instead*, Anne and Gilbert are truly meant to be.

As an adult I can see why I loved Anne so- as a child I never quit talking, was consumed by my imagination, and loved being surrounded by trees the best. 

Last night I curled up with my story, tearing through the pages, hoping Anne does not marry Roy Gardner, with a cup of tea, windows open, furry dog on the ground beside my bed, and realized that life is pretty damn nice.  Now if I could only go home and read about Anne and Gilbert's wedding instead of going to work today. . .

*Little Women was in constant competition with Anne for favorite.

Mar 11, 2011

Little Kid Cuisine

So we're throwing a shindig for MOH's thirtieth at Hubs and I's house tonight- I couldn't be more excited.  Especially about the food.  Closely related to Kelen's favorite genre of food, which is pool food, MOH's favorite genre is little kid food.  The girl loves some grilled cheese, chicken fingers, and hot dogs.  She's probably thinking right now "Pssshhh.  Pot calling kettle black", because there have been weeks on end where I eat a grilled cheese and tomato soup daily.  Hmmm. 

Anyway, my favorite genre is probably ladies who lunch food- quiche, soup, salad etc, closely seconded by meat and three type food. 

Don't you love when your best friends put pictures of you wearing little from fifteen (!) years ago on the world wide web?

So tonight we are having

Pigs in a Blanket
BLT Salad
Mac and Cheese
Sloppy Joe Sliders
Chick Fil A nuggets
Tater Tots with various dipping sauces

Are you jealous?  You should be- I am getting sooooo pumped up about the tater tots right now!  I'll share my mac&cheese recipe on Monday- it's one of my most requested, and adapted from Loretta Lynn's (so you know it is super tasty).

So ladies, let's get this weekend off to a hungry start!  Favorite genre of food, and favorite little kid food!

Mar 10, 2011

Some Pet Peeves

I just had a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast.  The unexpected sugar is coursing through my veins at an alarming rate, and I'm getting a bit sassy over here.  So some annoyances-

1) people who trim their forsythia in shapes.  Forsythia is meant to be wild!

I used to crawl under the branches of several big forsythia bushes we had when I was a child, hiding and reading every work by L.M. Montgomery.  I was a strange combination of bookish and outdoorsy as a child.  Actually, I still am. . .

Anyway, this makes my eyes and heart hurt.

2) People who don't say "you're welcome" when you say thank you.

3) Now this is obvious, but strangers with a complete lack of tact.  While sleep deprived me was assigning my minions tasks at Bag-A-Bargain (not really minions but provisionals assigned to my department), one of the girls, a complete stranger, grabbed my left hand and exclaimed "Whoa!  Look at that thing!" in front of a large group of people.  Um, thanks?  Not really a compliment or a criticism, just someone being so utterly tacky she oozing glue.  I turned bright red, assigned her a task far from me, and fled.

Peg was in Atlanta for market not too long ago.  Her business partner informed a vendor that she was having triplets.  He (of course it was a "he") replied "Wow, you're having a litter, huh?"

Um.  Really?  She having three beautiful baby girls!  Not puppies!  She is not a dog who is breeding!  Only a man would say that, I swear.

4) My inability to immediately be somewhere, or morph like a sci-fi show.  I would pop in Kinger's bach in Florida this weekend, and then scoot back.  It would really help me with time management, and all the stuff I have going on.  Can y'all invent this ASAP please?

5)  I've been checking Facebook way too much lately for my blood pressure.  People put up the trashiest and flashiest stuff!  I swear, if people thought about or realized the image they present to the world with their pictures, there would be a lot fewer posted!  I'm sure I am just as guilty of it with the blog here, but it really makes my blood boil.  No need to see your designer purse, or what your husband bought you! Good chance I am just tired and bitter here. . .so if you post pictures of new jewelry or drunken nights, etc, please ignore me and don't be offended.  Hee.

Okay, so what's going on in your world?  Let's share some random annoyances on this gloomy day!  Get it off your chests ladies!

Mar 9, 2011

My Booty

Isn't she gorgeous?  Hubs, a bit disconcerted that of 55,000 square feet of bargains, I picked a chair "that will sit there in the garage for 4 years.  Don't you already have one that you got off the side of the road that still needs to be recovered?"

"Why yes, honey! But that is for a nursery someday, so no need to recover any time soon.  This one is for our living room!"  I proudly replied.

And was met with glowering silence.  Hmmppph.

So, what fabric shall I re-cover my beauteous BAB booty with?  Here are pictures of my living room (please excuse the gloom- it's been raining so much that Buddy is scouting for a good looking golden retriever lady to join him on the ark soon).

Hubs' leather chair and the white chair are normally flip flopped.

Please note the profusion of pattern- couch, draperies, rug,  I have a bit of a pattern addiction.

The living room opens to the dining room, which has the same rug in a different shade and the same curtains.
So ladies take a gander and please advise!  My curtains are Braemore's Wonderland Jet.

Mar 8, 2011

Hidden Treasure

So  I'm back.  Twelve hours of sleep Saturday night, and an afternoon spent on the couch Sunday afternoon listening to the rain, and I'm close to normal.
Do you see how squinty my eyes are?  They are twice their normal squintiness, due to extreme sleep deprivation.  However, look at all the good stuff my section had to offer.  It took extreme willpower not to purchase a large amount of antique furniture, but I resisted, being too tired to deal with the inevitable divorce proceedings which would likely ensue if I brought home another cabinet or table that just needs a little work.
This bed was calling my name, and I refused to lower the price below a certain point.  Luckily, after the sale our adorable chairwoman's mama bought it, for fifty buck above my reduced asking price!
This table and bench set just needed some paint, and was much admired.
As was the glass front primitive cabinet in the background, which I ended up selling for $125.  Such a steal!  And so hard to resist. . .
Sterling silver cups, and lots of crystal.
Getting ready for the preview party with the unofficial mascot of Bag A Bargain, the magenta velour Virgin Mary.  People donate some interesting items.
Adult clothing and handyman.
A small portion of the children's section.  There's a Bugaboo stroller down there, which got scooped into my section.  I was tempted to buy it although I am not pregnant and do not currently have kids.  I just can't resist a good deal.  However, I decided purchasing any baby paraphernalia would result in a jinx whereby I would not have children or the like, so no Bugaboos, or adorable changing tables in need of a paint job for me!

Y'all are going to die when you see what I did spend $40 dollars on- I'll put up a picture tomorrow.  Let's just say Hubs was not exactly thrilled. . .