Feb 24, 2015



  •  There is allegedly school today.  I made lunches.  It better happen.

  • We have been cooped up for over ten days now, and things are starting to get a bit dicey.  I added to my exorbitant baby-sitter bill as of late and called in a high school sitter reinforcement yesterday so I could sneak off to Panera and actually work.  I had the lentil quinoa broth bowl.  It was okay. . . felt like I was eating an amalgam of trendy power food words.
  • Babysitters were present both nights of this past weekend, and have been called for Thursday-Saturday evening of this coming weekend.  It's quite a social February apparently.  We had a great Friday night at an annual black tie party (and a wretched, worn Saturday morning).

Devil eyes and sorority squats.
  • SNOT.  I cannot take any more snot.  I am so sick of snail trails across my clothes where one of my adorable children rubs their slick faces against my body.  Shudder.  I noticed Deeds' snout has finally dried up yesterday, but the downside of school being back in is that the drip-drip-drop shall return tomorrow afternoon.

  • I got the dress above from Dillard's accidentally, thanks to their draconian return policy.  I picked up a few dresses when I went a couple weeks ago to find something for a previous black-tie event.  Above was a favorite, but not the one, so I planned on returning it.  It was on sale (ended up being about $35), so the saleslady informed me I had THREE (3!) days to return the sale items.  Okay, tough, but doable.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday- Monday morning I went in to return the dresses.  Nope.  SEVENTY TWO HOURS.  That's all I had.  So, Sunday  night when the mall was not open is when my deadline expired.  IRRITATING, DILLARD'S.  Not good customer service.  Luckily I ended up using the dress, it was not expensive and I got a load of compliments.  Flattery will get you everywhere. Still, 72 hours?  

  • In more exciting news, my Amazon order finally arrived, (4 days late, thanks to the winter weather), which included an AmopĂ© Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File!  I am unduly thrilled about trying this out.

This is what makes me happy after 12 days that included only 6 total hours of alone time.  As my college friends will attest, I need my personal time and space.  It's been a long, long UNlonely winter, little darlings.

My only words are of the four letter variety.  Excuse my while I sob into the frozen, school-less tundra.

Feb 19, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

  • Blah, blah, blah.  Really cold over here.  Ice, snow, power outages, school cancelled all week.  I have this sense of impending doom about a week of work that I have had to put on the back burner- you know that Sunday afternoon feeling when you think about all the homework you have put off all weekend.

  • I have thrown screen time restrictions out the window.  Another Paw Patrol?  Sure, honey.  What the hell. We are in survival mode.

 First we got hit with ice.
 Then snow!

The kids did like sledding.  I raced them- DH had the weight advantage and usually won.

  • Thank goodness we went to Walmart and loaded up on mittens, hats, etc. (much to Deeds' dismay.  Boy does not like a hat or gloves).  I have discovered the joys of Walmart, thanks to a new one near us.  It is small and always empty.  These prices?  Glorious!  Hats and mittens for the kiddos were marked down to 50 cents!  I picked up a ton of stuff right before the storm was due to come in- mainly in an attempt to get us out of the house before we were stuck for days. . .

  • Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't rant on about the WINTER WEATHER, and here I am moaning away.  Instead, here's what I have read lately-
The Smart One by Jennifer Close:  Loved it- have you read Girls in White Dresses?  Like it, this was excellent- a twinge depressing, but a nuanced study of the adult children and their mother.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins:  Um, I think I'm in the minority here but I did not like this book.  Depressing, unlikable characters, and I thought it was predictable.  Eh.

Charleston by Margaret Thornton:  I liked this- also a little depressing (maybe it's not the books, but the weather that's making me depressed?).  The description of Charleston were beautiful, I was engaged in the characters, and intrigued by the author.  Google research definitely happened on Ms. Thornton's background.

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin:  Good- entertaining, interesting to know his background, although a bit stilted, I felt.

Gray Mountain by John Grisham:  Not our typical Grisham, but several things made me predisposed to enjoy this novel- lady lawyer who practices real estate law (and is relieved when she gets out of it), and an Appalachian setting.  The ending was a little lame (abrupt), but I was into the majority of the novel.

So, I hear a baby crying from his crib.  Off for another day of indoor energy busting!

Thoughts for Thursday

Thanks for the link up, ladies!

Feb 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up- Valentine's and Winter Weather Advisory

  • We had a lovely weekend- breakfast for dinner picnic and a movie Friday night (DH's pick was Rudolph, so not the most timely but whatever).   I made breakfast on a sheet pan from this blog.  It was okay- a bit greasy for my taste.  The kids loved it, however.  Y'all know that I am a big proponent of both butter and bacon grease, but even I have my limits. Ha, after a couple glasses of wine with a neighbor, I was very tempted to dig into the leftovers.  That grease sounded very appealing.  Maybe I was having a college Wa-Ho flashback.  The Waffle Houses in Athens have wait lists to get in after midnight.

  • Valentine's Day was a very exciting- Disney Junior Live with our little Sweetie.  Her verdict?  "Amazing!" We had a super romantic dinner at 4 o'clock of pretzels with beer cheese dip, wings and pulled pork nachos at a restaurant on the river, so Dell Harper was in heaven.

  • After a busy Sunday of churching, lunching, gym, and child dinner preparation, I got to out for some sushi for a birthday dinner for some girlfriends.  I dragged myself to Kroger afterward to pick up some milk since it's apparently going to snow/ice/ruin my dreams of spring.  Grocery shopping after 2 glasses of Prosecco is apparently a poor plan for your budget.  Milk,  3 heads of cauliflower, chocolate milk, protein bars, pimento cheese, cold cuts and three magazines.  Oops.

  • I have no snow gear for the children.  Yet again.  

  • Please let it all be giant mistake, and it be in the 50's all week.  On the bright side, I got to wear two different fur coats today.  That's my idea of outerwear.  Goretex-shormtex.  My performance fleece is called mink.

  • Now off to concentrate on the SNL 40th Anniversary special- Morgan and I had to rematch Jim Carrey's Matthew McConaughey impersonation on the Celebrity Jeopardy segment a few times.  Hilarious.

Feb 12, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I have a mountain of things to accomplish tonight (this post was written Wednesday night), yet I just spent 45 minutes figuring out what I'm ordering for the kids at a clothing show tomorrow, and now I am blogging.  There you go, readers.  Priorities.

  • The clothing show is my friend Colleen's company- Little Hoot Designs.  She runs it with her mom, and their stuff is awesome!!  Perfect play clothes, reasonably priced, yet adorable.  You can check out their stuff here- https://littlehootdesigns.wordpress.com.  That's DH's model face above.  Deeds digs it, too.

  • Speaking of children's clothing- the summer Garnet Hill catalog came, and I am just dying for some of those swimsuits for myself.  Unfortunately, I believe the days of fitting into a child's 14 are long, long gone.

  • Have I told y'all about watering DH's milk? Ha, my friend Holly (hi, Holly!) and her husband found the outcome of my scheme amusing.  I moved from putting a splash of water in her wippy cups, to the point where I got to a splash of milk and almost all water.  We love this milk from a local dairy called Cruze Farm (look it up, it's kind of famous).  Anyway, the milk is pricey.  And delicious.  So, so delicious.  So I was saving probably 12 dollars a week with my new cost cutting measure.  Also, she was eating a lot more actual food instead of filling up on milk (my original purpose with the watering of the milk).  Unfortunately, Morgan was not quite aware of the water to milk ratio, nor was he quite down with my milk rationing scheme.  Once she got some full-strength milk, my girl wised up quickly.  Now she asks for "milk with no water, please".  I'm sure her babysitters think she is quite strange.

  • I am so ready for warm weather.  I went to a speaker on herb gardening on Tuesday.  She was talking about how nice it is to have a big ole glass of mint water while you are out working in your garden and all hot and sweaty.  I lost focus for about ten minutes just fantasizing about working in my yard and being sweaty.

  • I just began reading James Farmer's book A Time to Plant. (my gardens are fueling my dreams right now).  I loved this passage so much-

Preaching to the choir, James.  

So now it's time to get cooking- making a bunch of baby/moving/not feeling great dinners for folks.  

I'm off to get cracking, but here's some gratuitous cute pictures of my children (warning, warning, mommy blog alert).
 SWINGING! When can we go back outside?
 Before PJ day at school.  The runny noses are KILLING me, Smalls.
Hee.  Church clothes.  Saddle shoes were swapped out for tennis shoes for playtime.

Thanks to East Coast Chic and Home of Malones for hosting the linkup!

Thoughts for Thursday


Feb 11, 2015

Day in the Life (Part 2)

I know you have been waiting with bated breath, so I will dive on in.

Dell Harper wakes me up.  She settles in for her cartoon and some milk, while I frantically make lunches. (PB crackers, carrots and strawberries for DH; toast strips with hummus, strawberries and cheese for Deeds).  Normally this is done the night before, but I forgot and am therefore feeling quite harried.  Routine is important to me.  Otherwise I forget things. Lots of things.
This little fella wakes up, and Morgan gets him dressed and ready.  Deeds helps me pack lunches by eating  (generic, organic, yuppie mom) Cheerios, and generally being adorable.
And he's off! Note the laundry still on the kitchen table.
Time to annoy big sister who is still waking up and needs a little space.
Chaos ensues.

I give the pesky little brother a squeeze and Morgan takes him to school.  DH and Deeds are in different MDO/Preschool programs this year, because you have to be 18 months to start at DH's school.  Next year, Deedser.

I (blearily) drop DH off, then hit a multitude of errands- bank, World Market for some baskets, DSW to return shoes, and a quick run to Target.
This is the view from the bank- always perks up my day.  Anyway, with children in tow these errands would have consumed approximately 3 hours of my time.  Solo?  I get it done in just over an hour.

Then I return home and work.  That's drafting boring legal documents, so just put your imagination on the boring setting and run with it. (Although, I truthfully enjoy it, and don't find it tooooo boring.)

Lunch break!  For about 20-30  minutes I answer emails, read blogs, eat a pimiento cheese and turkey sandwich, and watch a bit Hart of Dixie.

Buddy gives me this face, so I pile him in the car with me to pick up the kids from school (and just like that the morning is gone, sigh.  How can the hours from 4:30-7 be so long, and 9-1:30 so fast?).

Dell Harper and I hit up Earthfare for some random items, including a pizza for their dinner with the babysitter the next night (whoop!).
We pick up Deeds.  They both have become randomly obsessed with this mini-staircase in the church where his MDO is located.  Way too much time is spent on this activity.  Luckily, I have my secret weapon, Buddy, in the car.  His presence spurs them to get a move on, and we hit the road.
I don't know why Dell Harper looks like LL Cool J here.

We get home, I put Deeds down for his nap, get out DH's Amazing Sand (allegedly mess-free), and begin organizing our garage entry-way with the previously-procured baskets from Cost Plus World Market.  This is a huge improvement, and I am pleased.

Until Deeds starts wailing and failing his nap entirely.  I go back up to deal with him.  On the way downstairs, having accomplished nothing, as he is wailing even louder, I am greeted by Dell Harper.  She is a bit giddy, yet a little nervous.  This is not a good sign.  Trailing behind her on the stair runner and clumps of sand.
Then I see the source.

I then did what is known in the common parlance as losing my shit.  Before you think I am treating my nascent three-year too harshly, please note that she knows the rules with the sand.  Namely it does not leave the kids' table or preferably, its tray.  Plus, I have no idea how to get this out of her hair.  It is embedded, determinedly clinging to every wispy strand.

She gets put in the shower, as I hope the force of the water will get this damn stuff out.  DH is wailing (she rarely gets in trouble, so when she does, it's the end of the world, dramatic sob), and I can hear Deeds still crying.
I long to hide in my studio (aka the dining room) and play with paint, and not be responsible for anyone or thing.  This feeling passes per usual once order is restored.

Sensing the need to take a break from my dependents, I scrap dinner making plans, and pack everyone up for my happy place.

Time for Jazz.

 Who knew a ratty old church gym could bring so much happiness and reduce so much stress.

For dinner we meet Morgan at DH's favorite fine dining establishment- S&S Cafeteria.
 Someone is getting tired of the exhaustive photographic evidence needed for a DITL post.

She's all over the place, and Deeds is losing it because he did not nap.  Generally, its a dinner to send one's stress hormones flying all about the place.  Luckily all the elderly people find the children adorable and charming regardless, and the other families are quite frazzled themselves.

Morgan leaves early with Deeds to get that little monster in bed, and I hustle DH home, and read books at top speed.

I survey my closet, realize I have nothing to wear to this black-tie thing we have the following night.  Morgan is on a work call, but I manage to nab his attention, let him know he's in charge, and I head for a late-night trip to the mall.  Wild and crazy.

I nab this dress from Dillards (not on their website) in black and white stripes, with a hot pink border at the bottom. (note- it's Eliza J, $138, and I got a TON of compliments on it.  Kate Spade look at a quarter of the price?  Yes, please!)

 Since I'm feeling very sorry for myself, I also buy these actual Kate Spade earrings.  Overtired children pity parties are not good for my bank account.  Thankfully, they are few and far between.

I come home, show off my purchases, work a touch on this painting, then fall gratefully into my lovely, lovely bed.  Oh, how I miss it during the day!

And what a perfect way to end this post, since it's past ten and I'm ready to dive into my bed right now.

Feb 10, 2015

Day in the Life (Part 1)

Kate recently did a Day in the Life post, and I felt very inspired (i.e. copied her brilliance).  Get ready for an exciting glimpse into my life. Or an exercise in mundanity.  Expect a lot of detail, as I am writing this while eating pretzel Goldfish and watching Hart of Dixie.  While avoiding laundry and kitchen cleaning- drawing this sucker out, yo.

Anyway, this is last Wednesday, with both kiddos at home at all day.
I awake in DH's bed, where I apparently fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning cuddling Miss Priss.  I convince her to play in her room a bit longer so I can stay horizontal a little longer.  Any tips of a former good sleeper, who now either wakes up screaming scared or arrives in our room to sleep (at which point I am too tired to care).

Once we make our way downstairs, she gets some milk and get my sole Diet Coke of the day.
Imagine a halo above it and angels singing.  That's how I feel.

DH "needs to watch a little Peppa" and munches on some cereal and a banana.  This little guy wakes up and I get him dressed, while eating a protein bar.

Deeds investigates my bathroom drawers while I put on a touch of concealer to look alive.
I mean, bed head and some blush is about all I can muster.
Morgan heads off to work, I make the bed, and pick up while the kids finish their breakfasts and play.

We head to Jazzercise.  Before you laugh, remember- 600+ calories a class, people!  And free child care.  Can't be beat.

Dell Harper and Deeds love the nursery, which is wonderful.

Here's my spot- middle right.  I was totally creeping around taking these pictures, by the way.  Such a blogging weirdo.
This is the back- there's a lot of jazz-loving ladies in town- college gals to the elderly gals.
After my exercise we hit up open gym at Gymbugs for "me and Deeds' exercise too!" as DH puts it.
Then Chick-fil-a, because I'm just hitting up all the SAHM cliches this day, apparently.

Yep, workout, open gym, then Chick-fil-a- I'm sure you are just teetering on the edge of your seat. After a salad for me, applesauce, nuggets, and a communal fry, we head home.

Miss Priss plays with her magnet/coloring book, while I put Deeds down.

During the quiet, I try to tackle laundry.
Buddy assists.

Boo.  I am interrupted by the arrival of my dear daughter covered in marker.  Hmmm. Instead of a midday bath, I throw both of us in the shower.  
So fresh and so clean, she plays with sand while I get dressed in actual clothes to celebrate my unexpected and unprecedented non-sweaty, non-snot or drool covered status.
Watch out world!  I answer a few work e-mails, and attempt the laundry pile again.
But this little guy wakes up.  And has a snack.

Then we pack up and hit the library.

New books!  Joy!  We have been hitting up the smaller branch near church, which is a little bit more friendly to a crawling baby. He who will not be contained.

Then we head to Wednesday night supper at church, where Morgan meets us.  He takes Deeds home to bed while Dell Harper and I stay- she gets to watch a movie and have a "cool snack" with the rest of the kids (so basically the greatest thing ever for her), and I go my Bible study.
Then back to where we started the day- cuddled up in her bed, reading our new books.

I'm dying to tackle these, but I have to do my nightly ritual.
Vacuum, pick up toys, clean kitchen, finish that nagging pile of laundry (all of these things that I am currently avoiding doing while typing up this never-ending post), answer any e-mails or texts I neglected during the day.
Then finally, I get in my pjs and watch recorded Parks and Rec and Mindy Project with Morgan.  After that it's bed and my book (pretty good so far, I'm losing interest in the middle, however).

Although mundane, it was a great day.  No major meltdowns, no potty-accidents, just a lovely little day with my family.

I'm trying to think of something to add so I can start watching Empire instead of packing lunches and folding laundry.  But I got nothing.  Get ready for Part 2 tomorrow!  In which the kids go to school, and I work.  More excitement to come, ha!