May 26, 2011


For the spotty posting.  I've been up to my ears in last minute stuff for my little Brother's wedding. So excited to head down to Reynolds and relax in the sun (and gain a sister to boot).  So check out a fab recipe I've been enjoying over at EAD Living- it's actually helpful for bikini wearing.

Last year I was down at the Beach Barn living it up with Hubs, the Flowers and the Taylors. What are y'all doing for Memorial day weekend?  Hope you are enjoying the sun and summer's arrival (but wear sunscreen!)

May 23, 2011

I Knew Before We Began*

Okay, it's time for a little sappiness today on S&S.  In honor of Hubs' and I's second wedding anniversary (whoohoo!), a little story about how we fell in love.  I was living in Atlanta in my second year of law school, while Hubs was in Knoxville. We had slowly become very good friends over the past three years, and he was the guy I called before I went to sleep after a wild night out with my friends, or to talk about any boy problems I might be encountering.

We were both casually seeing other people that we weren't that wild about- just having fun. I started getting worried though.  If Hubs started dating someone seriously, she would most likely object to my 2 o'clock in the morning phone calls, and perhaps our super close friendship.  Hmmmppph.

So I was attending a wedding back home and I took Hubs as my date (as friends).  AK and I formulated a plan- if Hubs confessed his love, then it was a sign and I would go for it.  If not, it wasn't meant to be, and we should remain friends.  I was a trifle bit nervous, because I knew if Hubs and I kissed we would probably end of getting married, and I was rather a commitment phobe at this point of my existence.

Well, the night went on.  I consumed a great deal of absolutely delicious wine, had a ball, and generally was in a fabulous mood.  However, no confession of love from Hubs.  This was going to take a little help from me, obviously.  We're hanging with all of our friends at the local watering hole, and decided to inquire of Hubs whether he has ever had a crush on me.  Bright red, he stutters something to the negative effect, which I scoff at (internally I hope, though things are a little fuzzy due to the previous wine consumption (and the fact that this was almost five (!) years ago)), because I'm pretty confident that he had a crush on me (confidence of course increased by wine as well).

The night continues well into the wee hours, and we end up on Hubs' porch, talking and laughing as is our norm.  Finally Hubs brings up my earlier query about his feelings for me.  I play dumb, then relent a little and tell him that if he did have feelings for me it would change things.  Not to sound melodramatic, but I knew at this point my life was about to change (hee, that is really melodramatic- can I once again blame the copious amounts of expensive red wine?).  He said some amazing stuff to me (that would earn me a very angry Hubs if I posted them on the interwebs), and I melted.  And that was that- we've been in love ever since!  Seriously, very few hiccups along the way, excepting my freak out during bar study about global warming, but that is a story for another time.

So two happy years and a lifetime left to go!  Happy anniversary Hubs!  I love you!

*I surprised Hubs with this inscribed on the inside of his wedding band.  I'm pretty sweet occasionally.

May 18, 2011

Losing Dresses and My Train of Thought

 I was going through random pictures last night.  Don't you hate when you notice articles of clothing that have disappeared?  I adored this dress, and have not a clue where it now resides.

 I love this picture of my family (I wonder where I am- based on the composition, behind the lens with assistance?).
 Ahh, my first Christmas as a bride.  And my gift from my loving husband.
 From Bill and Katie's wedding- just about a year ago.  Happy Anniversary friends!  Such a great time, and another missing dress.
 Anner just sent me this picture, and I can't stop laughing at it- we will be at Tucker Plantation in exactly a month for her nuptials!!!!

 Watercolor's geraniums from last Memorial Day Weekend.  If it would stop being so dag gum cold here, I would plant some in my beds.  I went a little crazy and dug up a bunch of bushes in my front beds on Sunday.  Now I am left with a bunch of stalks, and a root system that I can not pull up.  And cold and rain. Poor Hubs is probably going to come outside at some point on Saturday to a giant hole in our front yard, and a triumphant wife brandishing an enormous shovel.

Finally, a pic of me getting ready for cotillion.  Why could Pascal not have done my hair like this?  I loved this hairdo.  My brother and Em's wedding is at the end of this month.  I am so excited to be pampered, and get my hair did, but for the first time, I'm experiencing some trepidation on how I will fare.  Insults?  Touching me in slightly inappropriate places?  A tri-bunion?  Ahhh, Pascal I miss you already.

May 17, 2011


So I have been woefully neglectful when it comes to the dear blog and you readers.  The last few weeks have been a blur of birthday parties, enagement parties, and baby showers.  Above was ALE's lovely celebration for a certain big birthday.
Then we headed down to Chattanooga for an engagement party for Brother and Em, which was lovely.

Then we had a surprise birthday derby party, an engagement party, and a baby shower the next weekend.
I ripped this picture from a friend's facebook.  I like it because I was telling an absolutely filthy joke (I'm center in the black and pink dress, whispering this joke to Carson).
This past weekend was relatively tame, with a happy hour that lasted into the night replete with skinnygirl margs (I feel thinner already, thanks Bethenny), a trip to Reynolds Plantation with Mama to work on rehearsal dinner preparation for Brother and Em's upcoming nuptials, having to get out the first aid kit during Sunday School class (never a good sign when dealing with a herd of 4-6 year olds) and a baby shower.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, with just a movie on the book, and time to clean out my diasasterpiece theatre of a closet guest bedroom closet guest bedroom bed and laundry room closet.  I also need to punish myself indulge in a quick two day juice cleanse to prep for bridesmaiding with a bunch of 23-25 year olds. Maybe my almost thirty year old self should do some moisturizing as well.  Hmmm.

May 12, 2011

Five is Better than One, right?

Ahh, Cinque Terre I love you so. .

 Even the gas stations have got style in Italy.
 A little lost due to inability to read Italian street signs.  Or find any as we cruised in our Renault.
Happy to see the sea in La Spezia, although Hubs once again is ruining my Euro disguise.  Hee.

After exploring alleys and ocean, we picnicked on a lunch of apples, assorted cheeses, cured meats (naturally), fresh bread, olives, and tomatoes, which we picked up in our local market before leaving Florence.

 I was happy to be there.  Generally I have a rather buoyant, (some might say perky) personality, and proximity to a body of water increases such happiness exponentially.
I'm dying to scrap my plans this weekend, and haul out my paints.  My hand is itching to recreate this scene!




Someone got their first haircut (buzz-cut) for the summer.  His tail and head still belong to the furriest dog in the world, but his body does not.  My fluffy cuddle bug is now shaved for the summer, and I am sad.  He however, as an avid squirrel watcher, feels that his chances of sneaking up on a squirrel is far greater now since he resembles one. And is he is happy that he is nice and cool. . . .

How long does it take golden retriever fur to grow?

May 5, 2011

Genetics are a Scary Thing

My brother and I don't look that much alike really- we have the same coloring but are faces are very different (I take after my father's side, he my mother's).

However, I was culling through my Italy pictures, and happened upon these-

Brother in Venice.

Me in Cinque Terre.

Please see the title of this post.

Do you resemble your siblings?  Mannerisms or looks?

May 4, 2011

An Unpopular Confession

This post is likely to offend many. I apologize in advance and urge you to remember that my opinions are my own and mean little to nothing.

I hate strongly dislike holiday themed decor.


Finally got that off my chest.

I don't like elves, or bunnies, or black cats.  Nor USA themed knick knacks, hearts, or reindeer.  While perusing my latest Garden and Gun, I devoured an article by Julia Reed stating her distaste for wreathes made of things other than greenery and displayed at times other than Christmas.

A fellow disliker of egg festooned or fall themed wire wreathed doors? Thank goodness.  I felt like I was lone wolf traversing a desert festooned with pastel, red and green, autumnal brown knick knacks.  Now I have company, in the form of a fellow opinionated Southern lady who I greatly admire.

That gives me strength in the face of this-

People even theme out their cars! Does your car really need to be dresses as a bunny?  Really, people?

Although I am a bit tempted by these-

And, yes, I do seasonally decorate.  I'm not a complete puritan.  I love nativities and greenery, and glass ornaments sprinkled about.  For spring I like Easter Lilies and fresh flowers from the yard. 

I think it's been a slow case of decorations fatigue, and a ever growing aversion to theme decor which has brought me to my current state of even sneering at Christmas china.  Hubs calls me a Grinch, but I think I'm taking a Julia Reed- like stand.

Dear readers, are you horrified at my grumpiness? Do I have any other compatriots in my stand against knick-knackery?

May 3, 2011

Stalked by Dame Judi in Venice

Canals, $30 Bellinis at Harry's Bar, lot's of boats, and secret romantic courtyards, handsome Italians in striped shirts and funny hats guiding gondolas that seem designed by Donatella Versace, and fish baked in a salt dome big as our table.  And Limoncello (not quite in Danny Davito amounts).

Oh, and we saw Dame Judi Dench three times.  I was in total BBC miniseries crush mode, spotting those cheekbones and flipping out- whispering to my companions- "There's Dame Judi Dench!!" , to be met with "What? Who?" Frantically racking my brain for a reference point for my brother and husband I landed out "She plays M in the Bond movies!!" hissed under my breath.  She and her companion had disappeared at this point, but luckily we ran into her an additional number of times.  We decided we would ask her to kindly refrain from following us upon spotting number four, which alas, never happened.