Mar 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  A New Do!

I cut about six inches off my hair yesterday.  I feel so light and spunky- I love it!  Also, no more baby yanking what precious hair I have left, or it getting all tangled up in the Baby Bjorn.  Heaven! Do y'all spy afore-mentioned hair yanker above?  Such a cutie. So the new look air dries and is super low maintenance- just what these curls needed.  I am thrilled.

2.  Almond Nut Thins

Go buy these.  They are in the cookie/cracker aisle in my Kroger- with the fancy cookies/biscotti.  This lack of chocolate thing has been tough, as my sweet tooth is in full effect.  Thanks, nursing hormones.  These are barely sweet, but cure a craving.  Each pack is a minuscule hundred calories, and there are 4 crisps/cookies in each pack.  Delicious- they taste like thin biscotti.  YUM!

3.  "Broken" Television and 4. Water Paints

 So, I made the executive decision that Miss Priss was addicted to tv, and we needed to shut it down.  This is completely unfair, as I am the one addicted to the peace Nick Jr. can bring to my day.   I was saying yes every time she wanted a show.  Time to ditch the crutch.

 "Okay, tv broken.  (pause) Movie, mama?  I watch movie?!"  Don't you love the hopeful gleam in her big blue eyes?

Instead of caving I hit up AC Moore and pulled out the big guns.  Water paints!  These really are so fun-

We have been creating some masterpieces while avoiding brain rot from too much tv.  Thanks Melissa and Doug- y'all really are the best.

An episode of "Fi-fi First" was watched with her Daddy tonight while I dealt with Deeds, and I caved for an episode of Super Why the other morning while I pumped and got dressed.  The first day was rough, going cold turkey, but after three days it has been a wonderful change. She is still going to have her Friday night movie and picnic on the floor though.  Got to have some treats!

5.  Easter Egg Cardigans

Speaking of treats, get thee to a Sears and buy these Lands End cardigans.  They are amazing! The perfect weight to ward off a spring chill, they are cut at just the right length.

Ignore the blah styling in these pictures, and go check them out!  They are on sale right now.  I want one in every color.  They look like Easter eggs.

Thanks for hosting, ladies!

Mar 26, 2014

On my Brain

  • This adorable chunk apparently is sensitive to chocolate.  I noticed he was having trouble taking his naps and not sleeping as well at night.  This coincided with my purchase of a bag of Ghiradelli dark chocolates with almonds and sea salt.  Which I was eating a LOT of.  Oh, and dark chocolate truffles.  And all the marvelous yummy chocolate treats that people have brought us with baby dinners. Good gravy, I love some chocolate.  

          He does not.

          However, Since giving it up last week, I have lost about 3-4 pounds.  I was eating a lot of             

  • Bathing suit season- I am having a tough time finding something that works with my current figure. Although maybe this giving up chocolate thing will assist in the figure department.
          I think this tankini/coverup combo from Land's End might remedy the situation.

                 This cover-up is pretty cute too.

  • I read this article about holiday overkill, and totally agreed.  UGH.  I get so worn out, especially now with children and expectations.  I mean, I am a happy person who likes celebrations but enough already!  I thought it was bad pre-kids with wreaths and seasonal holiday decor, but now?  My goodness.  Just read this for a more articulate description of my exhaustion with this nonsense.

  • In the same vein, several friends posted this article on Facebook.  Enough said.

Mar 24, 2014

Monday Musings

  • I left the house this weekend!  Sans children!  It was a miracle, and a welcome one.  A dear friend's former nanny was is in town from Brazil.  She contacted me asking if I needed any help at the beginning of last week- just when I was at my wits' end and dreading spring break. Ha! I had her come three mornings last week and Friday night.  Work was accomplished, exercise was had, and I got to take Miss Priss to a movie (Frozen, of course).  

  • Dell Harper and Deeds also got some social time- we hit the park and had another picnic lunch at a friends' house Friday. It's so amazing to see these kids grow up together- especially since I grew up with most of their parents.  Probably won't be so amazing when they hit high school- especially since Miss Priss is surrounded by boys with this group.

  • I am taking advantage of the nanny still being in town and getting my hair cut this week.  I'm thinking really short.  I'm scared. But excited.  Basically just feeling all sorts of Jessie Spano.
1. Really short

2.  Really short, with bangs.

3.  Slightly longer- but still short.

4.  Short with no bangs- worried that my hair to too thick/curly for this one though.

What do y'all think??

Mar 21, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  HURRAH!  It's officially spring.  Although the weather seems very commitment-phobic about sticking with spring-like temperatures.  Put a ring on it, Mother Nature!  It's time to break off any lingering feelings toward Winter, and commit to Spring.

Until then, I'm going to fake it til I make it.  Miss Priss told me that she wants to "Pay out-sigh all day, Mama!".  I'm with ya, sugar.  Poor Deeds is content in the Baby Bjorn except for the fact that I make him wear a hat.  You know, since there is arctic winds and he's six weeks old.

2.  WIth all this standing outside, I am ready to get my hands dirty and do my weeding and work on my containers and beds.  Oh, they are in a wretched condition.  Too bad you can't harvest the wild spring onions that are the only things currently alive (weed kind, not eating kind).  Cleaning them up would be infinitely more fun with this gardening apron from Etsy.

Also, I have been bookmarking lots of container ideas from Southern Living.  I can't wait to get to the nursery and peruse the offerings.

3.  I also need to do some major refreshing outside.  This checklist wil hopefully keep me on task.  I get majorly distracted outside- "Oooh, there's our neighbor, time for a chat, okay, dig some weeds, now lay in the grass and stare at tree branches, or rest my eyes a bit" and before I know it nap time is over (the kids' and my inadvertent one), and three weeds have been pulled.

4.  We're going out to dinner tonight, and I plan on sporting some white jeans (if I can squeeze into them, that is.)  I would love for a magical fairy godmother to bring me this top from J. Crew to wear with them.

Sigh.  It's so pretty.

5.  Regarding spring attire, both my mother and husband brought up the fact that I got some ghostly white legs right now.  I love how we all pretend that they will change color over the summer.  Come August I'll still be ghostly pale.  However, with the baring of flesh some color is needed to camouflage, especially with a post baby bod.  How long do I get to use that excuse?  Hopefully all summer.

Anyway, I was thrilled to read about this affordable and natural looking self-tanner on Maskcara-

I hope y'all have a wonderful, warm weekend.  We are off to meet friends at the playground and take advantage of the sunshine!  Deeds might not even be forced to wear a hat!  I might bare my white trash legs.  Spring fever, baby!

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Mar 19, 2014


So I went there.  Against my better judgment and knowledge of what sodium does to my cheekbones, I went there.

I unearthed some onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup (which one should always have on hand), and a can of 7-UP. Ran to the Kroger for some chuck and egg noodles.

I followed the instructions precisely, resisting the urge to season the meat or throw in some actual mushrooms.  I refrained from opening the door.  Instead I watched this girl gleefully scatter all my leaves and monkey grass trimmings across the yard.  The yard which was just cleared of all leaves and dead monkey grass.

Apparently Buddy does not like having leaves thrown all over him.  You never know- he loves a good roll in deer poop.  I would have thought leaves would not even register to someone who eats banana peels.

So we made our way inside to find Morgan home from work and opening the oven.  I hollered at the top of my lungs "SHUT THE OVEN!!!! WHAT WOULD POSSESS YOU TO DO THAT!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!".

Frightened of his banshee wife, he quickly slammed the oven door shut, as I jabbed at the recipe and waved it in his face.  Luckily, the four hours was really up, so it was fine.  Sorry for acting the fool, Morgan.  I cooked some egg noodles and tossed them with a bit of butter and made a salad (health-first, here), while the beef tips sat the prescribed thirty minutes.

 And voila! Easy Beef Tips with (very little actual) Mushroom Sauce.

They were good!  I wouldn't serve them to company or anything, but for a toddler and a husband who is too nosy as to the contents of my oven for his own good?  Perfect.  Seriously, for one of those days when actually chopping or stirring seems much too arduous, this is good comfort food. Next time I will throw a pack of pre-sliced button mushrooms into the casserole.

And maybe put a note of the oven.


 Wonder how many chemicals are contained in three simple ingredients?  I figured they are why you can't open the oven door, so they can work their magic.  Science, y'all.

Mar 16, 2014

Life Lately

Things can get a little hairy juggling two kiddos, a work from home job, a furry monster and a husband.  Some of you are thinking, "Duh!" and some are rolling your eyes to the back of your head thinking about your own workloads and life, and how easy I have it.

I'm struggling with getting the energy to go out and socialize in the evenings.  Morgan is anxious for me to get back to the swing of things, and I would like to, but I'm just exhausted by 7 o'clock.   I try to rest during the day when I can, but between work and my multitude of hobbies, it's tough.  Of course, I do consider napping one of my hobbies.  Along with reading, painting, blogging, cooking, taking my exercise,  gardening and online window shopping.  Then of course my default hobby- picking up other people's stuff.

Anyway, I was bemoaning the fact that I just couldn't muster the energy and organization to attend a dear friend's birthday dinner.  I knew I couldn't manage it- just thinking about it overwhelmed me.  But I felt guilty for not going, as well as disappointed in myself for not being up for a night of fun.  Nights of fun are my jam, yo.  Other friends with new babies were going, what is wrong with me?  I was given some wise words when I regretfully tendered my regrets- DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS.  I need to tattoo that on my forehead.  I don't compare houses, or clothes, or cars.  I compare myself in capability.  I think I have a compulsion to be capable.  Capable of doing it all.  Such a cliche.

Luckily, I'm fresh as a (rather wilted, grocery store) daisy in the mornings, so I see get to socialize with adults at play-dates and church.  Right now I will just stick to my Friday nights of "Sin-drella" watching and picnics on a towel with this girl.
 We had a lovely girls' night in, while Deeds slept and Morgan watched basketball with the guys.  I don't mess with guy time basketball watching this time of year.  I'm super nice like that (or just want him to think I am).

We all had a big Friday of playing in the park with a bunch of buddies, followed by traipsing to a nearby friend's house.  After lunch the "big kids" played in the backyard.

And the babies chilled inside.  Ha!  This picture cracks me up every time I look at it.  I love group baby shots (also, dogs and children in sunglasses).

In other news, I walked in the living room the other day to see Buddy sprawled out like this-

He was not in mid roll, or trying to get a tummy rub.  Nope, he was just resting.  Like that.  Maybe he figured that he had not distributed enough hair around the house from his back that day.  Just trying to help me practice my default hobby (i.e. picking up messes that are not of my making).  Thanks, Buddy!

 Okay, off to sign up Miss Priss for Aquatots at the Y (yay, swim lessons! also, "aquatots", hee).  Hope everyone had great weekends full of fun nights.  Or sitting on the floor watching Disney with your toddler.

Mar 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy weekend everyone!  I'm linking up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday to share a few things rattling around my computer.

1.  Blog read-

A Dose of Pretty's  "Mommies Behind the Blog"- a blog series that interviews designers with children.  I love getting to know new bloggers and questionnaire type posts.  It's an interesting peek into some creative and inspiring women's lives.

2.  Garnet Hill's Bathing Suits

I can't believe swimsuit time is creeping up on us.  EEK!  At least I can just hold Deeds in front of me as a camouflage/excuse.  Spring break is this coming week, and while we aren't going anywhere, I have bikinis on the brain.

Or toddler-wrangling-friendly one pieces, rather.

Go to the website to see tons more cute ones.  I think these don't look too old lady-ish, yet will be modest enough for DH's swim lessons at the Y, or hanging out at the local pool.  I love Anthropologie's offerings as well, but at $98, the Garnet Hill options have a far friendlier price point.  They also look more friendly to the "girls" which is a must for any nursing mama.  I will not be seeing a bathing suit for  a couple weeks, but might go ahead and try a couple of the suits out.  Any other recommendations? Ordering online is a plus, as is bust support and tummy coverage!

3.  Oil Pulling

So I have been reading lots of articles about oil pulling recently.  I was in the shower waiting for my conditioner to condition my dried out mop for the prescribed three minutes when I spied my tub of coconut oil and thought I'd give it a try (said coconut oil makes a wonderful shaving cream- my legs are silky smooth).  My mouth did feel cleaner today- I only managed about ten minutes.  I don't know if it helps, but I suppose it can't hurt!

Have any of y'all tried this?

4.  Sleep Training.  

Oh, the joys of getting a baby on a schedule.  Deeds is 6 weeks today, and I'm starting to gently nudge him into a good routine.

With Miss Priss I did a combination of Baby Whisperer's EASY routine, Babywise and Twelve Hours Sleep by Twelve Weeks old.  Lo and behold, she started sleeping 12 hours the night she turned 12 weeks.  This time I can't be as tied to home for naps since I am toddler wrangling, but I know I will lose my sanity without a definite schedule and a baby who sleeps through the night.  Plus I like to have my time and hand off children to a sitter without worry of things going completely haywire (at least not all the time, ha!).

I was using the Moms on Call schedule for toddler and baby, but it has me putting Deeds down at 8:30, which is just too late for the both of us.  He does better with 7-7:30, as do I.  However, that complicates things with DH who goes down at 7:30-8.  Law, I have spent way to much time trying to figure out the bath/bedtime situation.  I need a body double!  Obviously, Morgan would help, but Miss Priss only wants her mama to do bath and put her to bed.  If she is screaming bloody murder and hammering at the nursery door, I can't get Deeds down.  It's a quandary. Any good ideas?

5.  Baby Smiles

Morgan's dad came in town for a quick visit on Wednesday, which brightened our rainy day.  Deeds graced Pop-Pop with his first smile!  We were trying on his great-grandfather's gown on Deeds (lest you think that's his every day play gear).  

He has subsequently smiled for Morgan, and practically grinned at Dell Harper while she decorated him with stickers yesterday morning.

And as for me?  His caretaker and source of food?  Nada.   Little stinker.

Well, that's it for me.  My brain is operating at a snail's pace, and will be for another month or so.  Thank the Lord for family, good friends and a meal train!  I am so grateful for the fabulous meals we receive from friends and church three nights a week.  Hungry and too tired to think about dinner, all these meals are such an incredible blessing for our little family.