Jul 8, 2016

Five on Friday- Dieting Dilemmas

1.  Freshly

I have not had much enthusiasm for cooking lately.  Not like me, but it happens to the best of us.

It's hot.  I'm having a baby in 3 months.  I am trying to cram in work with no regular childcare.  The excuses abound!

Anyway, I'd heard people talking about Freshly, the meal delivery service.  My interest was piqued when I got an email for 9 meals for $49.  My first meals arrive next week, and I am excited!!  This appeals to me much more than Blue Apron or the ilk.  When I don't feel like cooking, I don't want to do all the chopping and prep work for my meals either!

I will do a full review after our meals- non-sponsored and completely frank.

2.  Food Diary

Speaking of eating, I have my gestational diabetes test in a week or so.  This sounds looney, but I really think I have GD.  I've already gained more weight with this pregnancy than I did the entire with Deeds.  I had a fainting spell during church after eating a Krispy Kreme a few weeks ago.  I just feel weird. This is likely just because it's my third go-around, but who knows?  So, I'm trying to make healthy choices.  Therefore, I'm accountable to y'all!  Plus, I'm nosy and love to know what other people eat.  Next week I will do a post on what I've been eating.  Sigh.

3.  SkinnyTaste Beef and Broccoli

We had this Wednesday night- delish!  And healthy!!  Recipe here.

4.  Anthro Dress

I'm longing for this dress.  Do you think it would work for the third trimester?  I keep hoping it will go on sale, then it's backordered.  Not a good sign, folks.

5.  Kitchen
I think it would be easier to go on a diet if I had this kitchen (from here).
 Ha!  Actually I would probably be cooking all the time, because I couldn't leave my pretty kitchen alone.  Speaking of, be sure to try that cherry pie I posted yesterday (pre-food diary, obviously!).  It's a game-changer.

Thanks to the Five on Friday gals!!!


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