Sep 30, 2009

I Heart Grace Coddington

So I finally got to see The September Issue last night- loved it!  It's a perfect compliment to one of my favorite trashy biographies.   If you are a Vogue fan, please read that book immediately!

Grace is the perfect foil to Anna's icy perfection.  And her eye for styling is beautiful.  The following are from one of my favorite shoots featured in the documentary from the Spetember 2008 issue of Vogue.

At one point Grace recounts advice she received while making the transitioning from modeling to styling.  She says to always keep your eyes open, to never sleep in the car, but instead to look at your surroundings because inspiration is everywhere.  Excellent advice, even to those of us who are stuck in a dry non-creative field.

Grace in her modeling days.

Sep 28, 2009

Back from NYC

Today was a much needed mental health day. Instead of working, I slept all day. We got back from NYC about one o'clock in the morning, and I was too exhausted to lift my head out of bed today! However, I am restored, revived, and feeling much better.
While watching Gossip Girl, I though I would fill ya'll in on our big city adventure. Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of pics, because I completely forgot.
When we arrived at the Waldorf, the reception desk surprised us with the fab news that if we waited a half hour with complimentary drinks at the bar, they would love to upgrade us to suite! Hurrah!

I was very excited!

After getting settled, we got dressed and headed to the King Cole Bar, had drinks and a cheese plate, then headed to Jacobs Theatre for the Gods of Carnage. It was amazing- very "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", yet thankfully not quite so depressing and more comic.

Not the best picture- but my dress for the night, along with tights and a charcoal cashmere cardigna, because it was chilly!

Balthazar was wonderful- I nabbed the last bowl of bouillabase, and devoured it.

Saturday was Carnegie Deli (a plate of pastrami was likely not the best idea for my slight hangover, but it was Hubs' trip and choices). Then we headed to the Yankees-Red Sox game. Ha- our seats were the very very tip top row. You couldn't get any higher- but no nosebleeds occurred thankfully.

I was so tickled my this dog, who sat perfectly still while people gawked, with a pipe in his mouth no less! I have this strange fascination with dogs and children wearing sunglasses. Yes, I am easily amused.

We ended up at the Tennessee alumni bar where we watched the game, then headed downtown to the Meatpacking District, then the West Village to meet friends for drinks. I had a wonderful time (perhaps a little too wonderful, as I slept til ELEVEN on Sunday).

After devouring a club sandwich (my room service order always, after a bad experience with crabcakes at the Chicago Ritz), Hubs and I braved the rain for some edification at the Natural History Museum

After the rain ceased we strolled through Central Park, window shopped and relaxed before heading to the airport for our (very) late return flight home. It was a wonderful weekend!

Sep 24, 2009

I'm Off Like a Prom Dress!

Off to my seminar/networking thing for the rest of the day and evening (we're learning about education, so swag bags probably not as good as Scripps, but c'est la vie).

Then, tomorrow I will be far far from my computer, flying to NYC! Drinks at King Cole, seeing James Gandolfini (I die!) on Broadway, Balthazar, and Yankees-Red Sox. Hubs was flabbergasted and very grateful for his surprise, as you may imagine.
I'll be back on Monday with pics! Have an awesome weekend!

Sep 23, 2009

Teen Witch!

I adore this movie. So strange, yet late 80's good. Somehow, although Louise possibly does naughty things with the popular guy in an abandoned house, (because she has cast a spell on him, naturally), this movie escaped the ban imposed on similar slut-tastic films such as Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.

Teen Witch made an indelible mark on the cinematic world by its ground breaking implementation of rap in a movie set in white bread suburbia.

Just kidding. Top That is pretty awesome though.
So anyway, imagine my distress when I read this. Ashley Tisdale- blergh.
I have a far better suggestion- Blake Lively. This sounds odd, but the perfect interpretation of Louise Miller is in her genes. Her sister, Robyn Lively, starred as the title teen witch in the original. Crazy, huh??

Sep 22, 2009

Three Day Slimdown

Quick disclaimer- this three day "jump-start" is not a sustainable diet, nor is it for fat-loss. However, you will lose about 5 pounds of water weight, so it's perfect for an upcoming event, such as a party or trip to NYC.

Breakfast: 8 oz plain fat free yogurt (I use Fage with a touch of splenda and tons of cinnamon-yum!), and 1 egg cooked without fat or salt.

Snack- 2 oz of low fat cheese (this is 2 servings of cheese if you watch your labels)
Lunch- one can of Tonno tuna, drained. Add pepper and fresh lemon. You can use the Tonno tuna in olive oil, which I recommend because it is delicious. After you drain it, there are not many additional calories, and the healthy fat keeps you full.

Snack- 1/2 cup of broccoli and 8 oz cottage cheese. I am using cucumber because I have some in the fridge and need to use them.

Dinner-2 c. of salad greens (I dress with a very light on the oil homemade balsamic vinaigrette), 1/2 cup steamed with lemon green veggies, and 4 oz of seafood cooked without fat.

Snack- 8 oz plain fat free yogurt.

Not bad right? If you hate hate hate seafood you can switch that for plain chicken breast. Here's the kicker though- NO SALT OR OTHER SEASONING WITH SODIUM!! Stick to fresh herbs, fresh ground pepper and lemon. Also- NO CAFFEINE (besides green tea). Drink tons of water and 3 cups at least of green tea. That's it on your beverage selection.

Like I said- it is a quick, but very effective fix, to lose five pounds of WATER weight in 3 days. I'll be eating this til Friday!

Next up- is using Gossip Girl for packing advice a bad idea??

Sidenote- while watching said Gossip Girl last night, I decided since I was starting the 3 day diet tomorrow, I deserved a brownie. I keep a bunch of brownies in the freezer for such purpose (also so I do not I eat entire pan of brownies when first made- they must immediately be shipped off to Siberia). So I am anxiously awaiting my brownie as it heats in the microwave. Then I start to smell something burning. Confusion. How could microwave burn brownie?? I haul it out of there, and find a stray piece of aluminum foil stuck to the bottom. Drat.

I remove the parts of brownie that looked affected and ate the rest. Some of it had a slightly singed flavor that I handily masked with cinnamon ice cream. So I am I going to die of radioactive aluminum poisoning now?

Sep 21, 2009

Emmy Fashion- Faves and Not So Much

Well, Blake Lively is certainly not shy about revealing her attributes. This pic does not reveal it, but her gown was slit up to her hoo-ha. Ryan Seacrest was sweating with every mild breeze during their interview. Also, her hair was in this massive braid that made her look like a really pretty slutty horse. I think it's too obvious, and a definite not so much (and I adore both red and cleavage).

Drew is another not so much for me. I hate skin colored dresses because of their tendency to make the most glowing people look wan. See Rose Byrne below. I understand that Ms. Barrymore is counteracting the washout with her lipstick, but it just looks off. Like she changed dresses at the last minute without changing her makeup.

Padma- I love you. However, when you are sporting the ten pounds you gain while filming Top Chef (I totally feel your pain), it might be best not to emphasize this with a bunch of flowers stapled to your tummy. Just saying. P.S. You are really really pretty.

I adore Mila Kunis' dress. A perfect youthful combo of a classic shape with edgy details. I am digging it more and more upon closer inspection.

I have an unreasonable bias against one shoulder gowns in general (ice skating outfit associations, they look dumb on me, etc.). But regardless of that issue- KIM! You are not Jenny from the Block. You are from Bev Hills, or similar vicinities. Stop trying. She will beat you because (a) she mastered the art of her own image and will not be usurped (b) she has actually talent (even if mediocre), and (c) she used to be a Fly Girl. Stop doing her faces, hair, and general look. Thanks!!

Oooh, Ginnifer Goodwin! Although I hate the alternative spelling of your name, I love your dress and complete look here. Awesome!!

This is one of those dresses that are gorgeous in theory, then in real life- not so much. Plus it makes Elisabeth Moss look so much bigger than she is. Wrinkly mess. Sorry, Peggy Olson/Zoe Bartlett. You're still a bad-ass actress!

I really like Kyra Sedgwick's show The Closer. I also feel like her marriage with Kevin Bacon is loving and solid, which is delightful. I think her dress is ugly. I like her hair though!

Hey- Chloe Sevigny looks pretty, and not bat shit crazy!

Leighton Meester brings the heat. Awesome.

January Jones Art Deco number is one of those love it or hate it. I think it is cool, and she can wear pretty much anything. Also, I really want her entire Mad Men wardrobe.

Rose Byrne- I feel that we would have a lot to talk about because you are a now second year associate dealing with a demanding boss at your law firm. Then I remember you are actress, we have nothing in common, and I get waaayyyy too into Damages. Also- your dress is lovely, as is your hair. The color of your dress is blah- please see comments re: Drew Barrymore.


So it was another great weekend- happy hour with the ladies, after which I really wanted to crash on the couch for the remainder of the night. However, Hubs talked me out of it, and I headed to Greek-Fest for wine, Greek dancing, and a chicken in a pita. We all had a great time, and ended up staying at a friend's house chatting until past 2. Oops.

Saturday morning I met Gracie Beth at Starbucks to exchange gifts from the Football Swap. I love the Tennessee gear she gave me, and she was just delightful in person as she is on her blog. After almost throwing up on the elliptical (hmmm, Greek wine?), I decided to watch the UT-Florida game on the couch, while Hubs hit up a party.

Although the Vols lost, they played very well, and all of Big Orange country was putting up a 23-13 game as a victory. So hurrah!

After the game, I fixed myself up, and got ready for an engagement party. It was a great time.

JML, me, Carson, AB, the lady of the hour Surrat, who is getting married in January, Shan, MOH, who borrowed one of my fave dresses purchased for my engagement party, and JB

Me and Hubs. Please ignore my face/hair- it was pouring rain, and I am suffering from pinkeye (gasp!). I woke up with a stinging eye on Saturday morning. Ugh- I look like Popeye in all these pics.

So I am thinking about sporting this stripey DVF dress for our Broadway show and dinner at Balthazar Friday night in NYC- what do ya'll think? If it's chilly I will wear black tights with it. Thoughts??

Sep 20, 2009


It's pouring down rain and I working away at the office. It's Sunday afternoon- prime nap time.

Sep 18, 2009

Swag- in Cookbook Form (hurrah!)

So I have been participating in this networking/seminars class type thing called Introduction Knoxville. Our first session was all about Knoxville history, and yesterday's session involved local government and business. We toured Scripps Networks- home of DIY, Food Network, HGTV among others, then were treated to a panel discussion with the President of Scripps and Jim Ethier, the head of Bush's Beans. Okay, my spiel is over, you can deglaze your eyes.

Getting to the good stuff- our swag bags! The highlight was Ellie Kreiger's cookbook- The Food You Crave. I tore into the minute I got home.

The following recipes are high on my to-make list- perfect healthy nibbles for a snackster trying to lose 7 lbs.

8 ounces Italian style poultry sausage*
8 large basil leaves
12 pitted calamata olives, halved
24 grape tomatoes
24 (6-inch) wooden skewers
Cook the sausage according to the directions on the package and cut it into 1-inch rounds. Cut the basil leaves lengthwise into thirds.
Put an olive half about 1/3 of the way down onto a skewer. Then add 1 strip of basil, folding so it fits nicely on the skewer. Follow with 1 grape tomato and a round of sausage. Position everything on the end of the skewer so the skewer can stand up on its sausage end.

12 asparagus spears
1 1/2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
4 thin slices smoked turkey (about 1/4 pound)
12 chives, optional
Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Break the woody end off each asparagus spear and peel the outermost layer off the lower 3/4 of the spear with a vegetable peeler. Place asparagus on a large plate, drizzle with the olive oil and toss gently so the oil is evenly distributed. Slice each slice of turkey lengthwise into three strips. Wrap one strip of turkey around each asparagus spear, leaving the tips of the asparagus unwrapped. If using, tie a blade of chive around each wrapped spear. Place the wrapped asparagus on baking tray and bake for12 minutes, turning once.

Sep 17, 2009

Bev Hills Fashion- a Cure to a Serious Case of the Blahs

If you are suffering from such affliction (like myself, thanks cloudy nasty weather!), please hightail it to Sling Blog for hilarious Bev Hills recaps- the original in all of it's acid washed, polka dotted, bike short sporting glory. None of this current crap.

The early years of 90210 could not have existed without the snap-crotch bodysuit. Must have been a lot of long lines to the ladies room at West Bev.
Here I believe both Brenda AND Kelly are wearing body suits!

Donna's turn. Blair Waldorf ain't got shit on Kelly in her headband. If memory serves me correctly Kelly is sporting bike shorts under that polka dot mini. Hawt.

Brenda is looking sporty chic in her bike shorts and headband.

Back to the bodysuit- in maroon crushed velvet. I swoon.
Ooh, did Brenda let Donna borrow it for a party at the Walsh's? Or is Donna's a more expensive, designer crushed velvet maroon bodysuit? With no back! I don't think Felice would approve. Not very virginal looking, Donna.
Comparatively, this skin tight, off the shoulder floral number with matching headband is positively demure. And coordinates nicely with Steve's mini-floral shirt. Notice both he and Kelly and sported the pleated waist pant with black silver buckled belts. He however, is NOT wearing a pink bodysuit. For shame.

Now to the most embarrassing part of the post- outfits which I sported (or tried to within the confines of my 6th grade clothes budget and the strictures of my mama).

Definitely this look- copied right out of the pages of Teen magazine.

The following looks of Donna's were definitely in my 6th-7th grade wardrobe- short-all with elastic headband, and black leggings with oversized colored sweater on top. I was looking good!

Early nineties fashion. I can't believe it is coming back. Not for me folks! I've got awkward 6th grade dance pics to prove that it should stay in the past for me.

Sep 16, 2009

Cookbook Love

Well, Garden and Gun just sent me a delightful e-mail detailing several cookbooks which will soon be released. I should have just deleted, as I have a major cookbook problem. I have over a hundred cookbooks, yet refuse to quit buying them. I am a cookbook addict. It's sad.

First purchase will be East Tennessee's own Blackberry Farm's tome. If you have an opportunity to visit Blackberry, go with haste! It is a little piece of super luxurious heaven. Sigh. Here's a link to one of the recipes for an apple crisp- perfect for fall which is rapidly approaching.

Next up is the Lee Bros. new cookbook-

Follow the link to a recipe for Ginger Lemonade- sounds so yummy.

The Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook, from the famed Birmingham eatery.

And finally one of my Top Chef Masters crushes- John Besh. I have a feeling after this purchase, there will be a lot of Cajun dinner parties happening at the condo.

This is not helpful to me losing 7 lbs. Crap.