Oct 26, 2015

I'm Not SuperMom

Dell Harper and Deeds love them some Mary Rice Hopkins.  Any of y'all who have preschoolers at a church MDO might be familiar with Hip Hip Hooray (Hippopotamus) or my personal fave, Superman.  

The best verse of Superman is the mom singing 

I am just an ordinary mom
And sometimes things just go wrong
I'm not Supermom
So, I'll join in and sing this song (ah)!

I mean, isn't that just perfect?  I sing it to myself about a million times a day.  Right now I need to be folding laundry, mopping my kitchen, and trying to get the island granite spotless (an impossible task.  I hate that granite).  Instead, I'm propped up in my bed with my laptop and a new pile of library books.

I'm not Supermom.

When Deeds is having an absolute fit because he thinks he is going outside to ride bikes, and instead we are going to pick up his sister from school, and I have to karate chop him in the midsection to strap him into his carseat.

So I'll join in and sing this song!

My kids eat hot dogs, baby carrots and fruit for dinner 2 nights this weekend.  I let Deeds have icing off a cupcake serve as his dinner at a get-together Saturday night.  He refused anything else, and I really wanted to watch a bit of the football game.  DH at least had sausage balls (then a cookie, and tons of pilfered m&m's).  At least the previously mentioned hot dogs were organic?


So to wrap up my inspirational lyrics, it goes "Thank you God for who I am, I don't have to be Superman.  Thank you God for who I am, all I want to be is your best friend!"

So you'll know when you see me mouthing to myself "all I want to be is your best friend" while pointing at sky- either my kids are driving me to the brink of despair, or some old lady at the cafeteria is mouthing off at me.  Just give me a gentle shoulder pat, and remind me that no one's perfect.

Ha, you might be able to tell that I'm gotten a run for my money from my toddler this week.  Then he says "Phone!  AAAAHHHH!" and points to the sky (Deeds' talk for "I would love to enjoy the musical stylings of Mary Rice Hopkins and that Superman tune, dear mother."), and I'm reminded that we are all just doing the best we can.

Side note- I used to go on tour with cool jam bands.  Now I write cheesy blog posts about toddler Christian music.  Aging is a lesson in humiliation sometimes.

Oct 22, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

1.  I said the f-word twice last night during Bible study.  I sent out an apology e-mail when I got home.  In all fairness, I was recounting a story and telling what a person had said, but I probably should have done it more discreetly.  Ugh, I'm turning a bit red just thinking about it.

2.  Dell Harper got her first manicure last week as a reward for not picking at her nails.

 It was adorable and hilarious.  Yesterday during her quiet time in her room, while I was downstairs reviewing work documents, she apparently felt inspired to give herself a mani/pedi with her purple kids' nail polish out of her Pinkalicious makeup set.  Ha, luckily she put down books and spilled nary a drop on her carpet.  I was about to have a heart attack when she came down to show me her handiwork!  Note to self- remove play nail polish, as it has actual liquid in it.

3.  I'm feeling a bit relieved soccer is over.  It was fun, but I don't think I'm ready to be a soccer mom quite yet.  Time to hang up the cleats until next year!

4.  Deeds has been on his a-game lately- class greeter and general ray of sunshine.  Until yesterday when he had to be put on time out at school.  This was a new one for me, and was generally mortified/upset.  Maybe that's why I was cussing at Bible study later in the day.  He did take a three hour nap when he got home, leading me to hope he was just tired, and not morphing into a new personality.

What a stinker.

5.  In the midst of all this embarrassment I did manage to score this dress I wanted at Loft.  I went to buy it in person last Saturday- drove all the way out to the suburbs, but it was completely sold out.  I couldn't pull the trigger on buying it online, since it wasn't on sale.  Y'all know how Loft is- a sale every five minutes.  Luckily, I just checked the website last night after composing my cussing in church apology e-mail, and lo and behold! 50% off!

I wanted to wear it to a great birthday party last week with a fabulous menu and heavy dinner.  I could have packed a lot of food in, ha!

Let's all hope the rest of my week is embarrassment free, sigh.  At least no one has told me I'm ruining my child this week.  Yet.

Thanks to Home of Malones and East Coast Chic for hosting the linkup!
Thoughts for Thursday

Oct 21, 2015

Master Bedroom- Before and Afterish

So, y'all might have noticed that I like color.  And pattern.  And yet, for the longest time, I have tried to fight my instincts in our bedroom.

 Everything I see for bedrooms, is neutral, neutral, neutral.  Soothing, relaxing, slumber inducing.  I tried it, but nothing was coming together.  A large room, random furniture, and no cohesive theme/color scheme.  Yuck.

 Enter the Robert Allen Neo Toile that I have loved for ages.  My bedding has to be super washable, and not cost a fortune- you spy that big furry guy up there?  He's not allowed on the bed (the slipcovered in washable duck fabric bench at the foot is his bed), but he loves to dash around our bed, especially if he's been out chasing chipmunks in the mulch.

 So instead I had a super long bolster and a custom bedskirt made.  I'd struggled with a bedskirt for years with this bed, as it's really two twin beds soldered together.  So there's a big iron bar down the middle that always got the bedskirt all bunched up.  Also, it's really high- probably about a 22 inch drop.

 So I devoted most of my budget to an amazing custom made bedskirt.  Luckily, I scored the fabric for less than $20 a yard, which helped a lot.  The citron linen duvet cover and shams are from West Elm (on sale!), which helps ease my mind when sticky fingered little toddlers come to interrupt a rare Saturday morning nap.

 New chairs and a console table from the living room create a nice little conversation clothes storage area.

 Another pop of that fabric on my old blue wingback brings it all full circle.  There's still work to be done- I hate the framed photographs above the chair- they are too big and yet too small there.  Also, the curtains question needs to be decided.  Eventually, I'd like to frame the landscape above the dresser, as well.

Another day, when I have some more dollars.

Now, although not neutral, my bedroom is a lovely places that makes me happy!  I sleep much better under a bright, citron duvet apparently.

Oct 20, 2015

Grown Up Fish and Chips- Crispy Crusted Red Snapper

A half empty bag of plain Lays was just tempting me in the pantry.  Every time I walked by its general vicinity, I was just forced to open it up and have a little nibble.  When I spotted this recipe in a Cuisine: One Dish Dinners magazine, I was intrigued.  I am always trying to eat more fish, I love a sheet pan supper, and this is a healthy way to finish off those chips!

I could not find red snapper, so I subbed flounder.  Tilapia or other firm, white fish will do nicely, as well. I loved the crispy flavorful crust, and the delicious vegetables.  A winner for sure!

1 cups seeded diced tomato
2 cups thinly sliced leeks
1/2 cup diced green bell pepper
1 Tbsp. minced garlic
1 Tbsp olive oil
4 red snapper fillets, skinned (6 oz. each)
1/2 cup panko crumbs
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1/2 cup crushed plain potato chips
1  tsp. paprika
2 Tbsp. butter, melted

Preheat oven to 450.  Coat a baking sheet with non-stick spray.

Combine tomato, leeks, bell pepper and garlic in a bowl.  Add olive oil and toss to coat. Spread mixture on bottom of baking sheet.

Bake veggies for 5-7 minutes, until they are beginning to soften.

Meanwhile, combine panko, Parmesan, potato chips and paprika, toss with melted butter.

Take veggies out of the oven.  Season the fish fillets with salt and pepper and place on top of the vegetables.

Divide the panko mixture among the fillets, pressing onto fish.  Bake fish until the fillets flake easily, about 20 minutes.  Cooking time is roughly 10 minutes per inch.  Enjoy!

We also had some roasted asparagus on the side, that I roasted along with the fish.  Healthy and tasty!

Oct 14, 2015

How to Ruin A Child

So, Morgan met the me and the kiddos at S&S Cafeteria for kids' night on Monday evening.  It was not to be our night.  Still overtired, yet overly excited from a super fun playdate/birthday celebration that morning and early afternoon, they were simultaneously wiggly, loud and cranky.

Dell Harper wasn't being too bad- just a little overhyped that we were dining in her favorite establishment.  She gets Jello at S&S and gets to have it first, before her dinner.  Every preschooler's dream.  The 99 cents kids' meals, which are comprised of actual vegetables, are every mother's dream.  Especially mothers like this one, who are not averse to a little Southern home cooking themselves.  (My college friends are rolling their eyes at my understatement here.  I could have eaten at Weaver D.'s every single day in college without complaint).

Deeds, on the other hand, was acting like a complete pain.  He has decided that he is too grown for a high chair, and pull the old stiff as a board routine when I try to bend his legs to set him in one.  I thought I would circumvent this issue, and dashed off to get him a booster.  Nope.  Was his sister sitting in a booster?  Then he would have no part either.

Fine.  Morgan's had a long day at work, and I am starving.  Dell Harper is happily enjoying her green Jello, so I decide to let Deeds do the same.  I plop him in the seat, and let him go at it, while I dive into my squash casserole, turnip greens, green beans, and chopped steak (I skipped my cornbread, because I'm such a healthy eater, ha).  Nothing is pleasing to my boy.  I won't let him have the salt shaker, nor the pepper.  I keep attempting to get him to eat some carrots, or green beans, or mac and  cheese.  The audacity!

Finally, sensing he is about to erupt, I hurry to my feet, pick him up and head out to let him run around outside a bit.  He's 20 months old, and we are pushing it by 6:00.  Life with small children, right?

An older lady, probably about 80, stops me on our way past her table.  This is not an unusual occurrence.  There are lots of older people at S&S, and they generally seem to enjoy the toddler antics that ensue at my table. I do not find these antics enjoyable, but whatever.  She is poised, with a nicely coiffed fluffy white cloud of hair, big saucer like blue eyes, and a lovely blue sweater.  I ready myself for the usual "Enjoy it!  It goes so fast!" Etc. Etc. Etc.


"You are ruining that child."

"Oh?"  I manage.

"You are paying him far too much attention, and he has you wrapped around  your finger.  Spoiled rotten, and just trying to get your attention.  You need to just set him in that chair, tell him to eat his food, and go about your dinner."

Stunned, I reply "Well, ma'am, I am trying to take him out of here so he won't ruin everyone else's supper with his fussing."

"No one minds.  He is going to be just rotten.  I had an uncle like that.  Rotten on Resurrection Day."

"Excuse me?"  I thought that I knew every phrase in the book used by elderly Southern ladies, but apparently I am mistaken.

"Rotten.  On. Resurrection. Day."  she enunciates clearly.  "Now go back to your table, put him in seat, and quit paying him any mind. You are turning him absolutely rotten."

Mortified, I said "Yes, Ma'am," and slunk back to our table.  I hiss out of the side of my mouth a brief synopsis of what just happened to Morgan.  He can't stop laughing- mainly at my face which is rather red with both anger and embarrassment.  Also, he frequently is of the opinion that I don't pay enough attention to our children and their activities.  I'm still facing this woman across the dining room, and feel her eyes upon me as I let Deeds sit in my lap to finish his supper.

While Morgan followed the children as they chased each other with their balloon swords and complimentary suckers (damn you, S&S, why have you betrayed me?), I tried to eat my dinner with composure, while not meeting her eyes or pretending anything was amiss.

She had the temerity to sweetly wish my goodnight as we left.

I replied just as sweetly, "You too!  Thanks for the child-rearing advice, you old bitch!  Night!"*

*This is a complete and utter lie.  I would never do that, except in my head, a couple hours after it happened, while I was laying in bed trying to sleep.

Oct 13, 2015

Hold Your Haunches!

I have tried and tried to get together a casual wardrobe.  I'm 34 years old now!  I need to be able to dress myself.  I'm great at business casual, lady lawyer, going-out clothes, cocktail and black tie.  However, I can't do cute casual day clothes to save my life.

So, I've given in.  I love wearing workout clothes.  And now it's a trend!  Athleisure! Hurrah!

When Hold Your Haunches contacted me about their compression leggings, I was excited to give them a try.  HYH provided me a pair of the Caboose Boost Capri to review.
 I feel incredibly awkward showing pictures of my own caboose on the intwerwebs, but it does look boosted.

The pants are multilayered- there is an interior shape wear layer, then a cottony top layer (it's actually polyester, but not shiny).

I loved the fold-down waist band- it kept my tummy nice and tucked in when I had it pulled up like so.

 Then, you can also fold it down without it being too obtrusive.  I look super excited about this.
 I think HYH should definitely make a maternity pair- I loved having anything with compression panels to support my belly when I was pregnant, and I adore maternity pants that come up and over like this.

My only quibble was that the capris were a little baggy/saggy in the knee and calf area.  I think this is because I'm short, or maybe I should try a smaller size.  Also, the pants are pretty pricey for this girl.  I will be interested to see how well they hold up.  However, if you are used to Lululemon prices, this is about the same, and not see-through, ha!

When I was walking into my exercise class, my instructor was walking in behind me.  She didn't recognize me from behind, because my rear looked teeny.  So that's a pretty good assessment of HYH's abilities- renders your hiney unrecognizable! Ha!

I am thinking about getting a pair of the long leggings- maybe they will be my gateway into pairing them with real clothes.  All I know is that they will be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

Also of note- I got a lovely little handwritten note when my leggings arrived- the lovely founders are two moms from Macon who likely feel my pain on the inability to wear pants with a button.

You can find Hold Your Haunches here- check them out!

Thank you to Hold Your Haunches for providing me a pair of leggings to review- all thoughts regarding the capris are my own.

Oct 12, 2015

House Tour- Living and Dining Room

 I had to get my house all spiffy for a recent meeting held there, so I thought I better pull out the camera and document the cleanliness.  A rare occurrence, indeed.
 You walk into our foyer (thanks, Captain Obvious, I know).  I'd love to someday change out the black slate for herringbone brick to match the front porch, but that will be waaaayy down the road, if ever.  Morgan loves the slate.  So does Buddy's fur.
To the right is the formal living room.

 My Erin Gregory print, which I just adore.  Someday I will have the extraneous cash to buy the real thing.  I found the oyster piece at an art fair down in Watercolor- it's glazed oyster shells affixed to a canvas.

The lamps are from Overstock.com- sold out now, but I'm sure they have similar ones.

On the rare chance I get the opportunity to talk on the phone, this is my spot.  I curl up in my chair, look out the windows and chat away.

Every single item of furniture in this room is either a hand me down, or from an estate sale.  Oh, with the exception of the little wooden garden stool next to the blue wingback- it's from Cost Plus World Market.
  On the other side of the foyer is the dining room.

 On the to-do list in here is a new chandelier, and recovering the dining room chairs.  The chairs and table were an incredible Craigslist find- it's Baker, and I got the set for $250.  What a find!

So that's the fancy part of my house- not too fancy obviously, as nothing cost over about $200.00.  With small children who love to chase each other, and a furry dog who loves to sneak up on furniture when the house is empty, this is just how I like it.