Dec 3, 2013

Toys! Toys! Toys! (No Batteries Needed)

Okay, so with an almost two year old, I am having a tough time not wanting to buy all the things for her for Christmas.  It's just so fun to have a kid who is old enough to love toys!

And toys!  I want to play with all of them.  However, I have tried to ban anything that makes noise or needs batteries for my own personal sanity.  An excellent resource for this type of toy is Montessori supply places.  I like "For Small Hands", which is where I found the majority of Miss Priss' gifts this year.

Roll and Play

"“Make a sleepy face.” “Rub your belly.” “MOO like a cow.” These are just a few of the fun activities you and your toddler can enjoy together when you play this easy game. 

Simply toss the plush color cube, pick a card matching the color shown, and perform the activity together. The game play emphasizes turn taking and gross motor skills, without the pressure of competition. "

This seems like an excellent rainy day activity, or at least an entertaining alternative to Daniel Tiger.

Reusable stickers?  Animals?  This will be a hit for sure.

Just like mine!

"This unique, versatile "step-stool" appeals to the young children’s innate desire to help and participate in appealing out-of-reach activities such as dishwashing and meal preparation. 

Designed by a Montessori teacher, with an easily adjustable deck and sturdy railings to provide stable support for climbing up and standing. Over time, children can use it as a desk or even a puppet theater. "
Morgan was unsure about this- another thing to take up kitchen space, expensive, and not exactly fun.  Then we started to read reviews on Amazon.  I have a feeling that this is going to make my life much easier- Dell Harper loves to watch me cook and play in the sink.  Now she will be at the right height, and not precariously balanced on a kitchen chair.

She will be able to help me cook with her own real cooking utensils that are just her size-

There are dozens more items that I would love to order, but parental restraint calls and I have refrained. Quality merchandise, plastic free, and excellent prices are hard to ignore!

I also ordered a few things from One Step Ahead-

And if Santa (or grandparents) think she is especially good this year?

A Dollhouse! (I am so excited about this and will probably play with it more than Miss Priss does)

All these things promise to be so much fun that Morgan did not even question/notice the lack of beeping bells and whistles. Buying the wooden toys I crave without being accused of having boring granola hippie tendencies by my husband?  Winning for sure.