Feb 14, 2012


For those of you who commented that Miss Dell Harper is the spitting image of me, I photographed some pictures from my baby book for comparison.

It's rather uncanny. . .

Last night Hubs had to be in Asheville for the night, so my little girl and I were on our own for the first time.  This of course was the night she decided to throw her first full on hissy fit.  And my prescription strength ibuprofen ran out.  And I lost her pacifier somewhere in the house.

So I remembered my daddy mentioning that he spent hours driving around the winding roads near my parents' house with me when I was a baby to calm me down.  Feeling quite frazzled, I lugged Dell Harper in her carrier and took off.  Thank goodness I am done with my doctor mandated no driving for two week period!

We cruised, and she calmed down, until I made the mistake of hitting Chick-Fil-A for a large diet coke.  The lull in driving necessitated by the drive thru brought her back to full on wail.

Well, the lull and the fact that I blindly groped her while in said drive thru to make sure she was still alive.  Poking a sleeping baby is idiotic yet irresistible, I have discovered.

So we hit the road.  The same roads that soothed me as a baby, and as a teenager. I loved to put on Radiohead or something equally depressing, and detour down by the lake as a teen on my home if feeling a little down.  I had an old decrepit Porsche 914 (sounds much more grand than the reality- it's worth likely consisted of scrap value).  When it was actually running (rare occasions), I would fly along the twisty winding roads around my childhood home, to return rejuvenated.

So that's what my mini-me and I did last night.  Driving much slower than I did in high school, and tuning out the screams with Motown.  She settled down, and I came home to greet my parents who picked up some new pacifiers and my refill of Ibuprofen.  Sweet relief for all, and no more tantrums.

 Apparently, someone has her mother's lung capacity. . . little nervous for her teenage years already.


  1. Love the image of y'all on winding roads listening to Motown! Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

  2. what a great valentine's day, the first with your precious girl! Brings back memories with my girls:) They grow up so quickly! I mean Samma, Allie Harris is only 4 1/2 and she had a boy ask her to be his valentine and her colored her a picture, wrote "I love Allie Harris" on it and presented it to her at the party!!! Seriously?! I cannot handle this already starting! DREAD teenage years. Must. Have. Wine...

  3. We have found that we have to jostle the car seat a bit whenever the car lulls to ward of screaming. I can be found at red lights, traffic jams, etc jostling the car seat with one hand while the other is on the steering wheel. Weird yes..but it does seem to help.

  4. I'm just SO HAPPY for you guys, Samma! I love that baby picture of you... the resemblance is just uncanny. Soak it all in and stay in touch!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. congrats on your sweet little girl!


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