Aug 6, 2014

Breathing (Barely)

I'm alive!  And kicking!

I'm currently sitting at my kitchen island (I have an island!  Whee!).  I'm working right now- playing frantic catch up to work and life that took a backseat to unpacking.  Toys and kitchen have been unpacked, so now I can attend to other matters.  Although I'm dying to just go to sleep.

Painters start next week, then I will have some pictures to show y'all.  Paintings aren't getting hung, or furniture fully arranged until I get these colors off the wall.

Oh, what else?  I'm potty training for real now.  It is no fun.

Deeds is starting solids- I'm doing baby-led weaning like I did with Dell Harper.  It's super fun!  He's had bananas, carrots, broccoli, avocado and sweet potatoes.  The boy has a sweet tooth like his daddy and grandaddy- sweet potatoes and bananas are tops in his book.

I finally laid the hammer down on his middle of the night wake ups.  Now that I have to walk up stairs to his room, that night time feeding had to go.  Tonight is the last of the required three nights, so hopefully he will be wail-free.  Isn't funny how it's always three nights?

Ok. Going to bed.  I took a bunch of cookbooks to the used bookstore today, then spent triple the amount of my credit buying more books.  Oops. Going to delve into a book and bed.  I will probably last about 3 pages before I pass out.

Oh yeah- I just remembered TODAY that my birthday is next week.  What?  I really am getting old.  I had to do the math to figure out how old I will be (33).  Oh, law.


  1. Can't wait to see more of the house! So exciting, but so exhausting! But I do love that picture of Deeds holding on for dear life to his yummy food with that big grin. :)

  2. Hooray! I can never remember my age. Deeds is getting so big! I hate potty training. Ss has done a full regression.

  3. Smiling Deeds in his high chair - I die. That grin! The house in the background looks gorgeous - can't wait to see more. And 3 pages before passing out is my signature move. Good luck with potty training. Stock up on wine. ;)

  4. girl no, don't do it- consider it a birthday gift to yourself---wait til you are all moved in to potty train DH. Trust me!! On a brighter note, Deeds looks happy as a clam with his big spoon!!


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