May 11, 2016

What's Shaking

I had the most fun weekend- a quick jaunt to Charleston to celebrate Virginia's baby shower and Kelen's engagement.  What a perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day, right?  With my college friends and far away from my children.  Just kidding, babies!!  I did miss them and was thrilled to get back to see their happy little faces.

 I managed to stop by Maurice's in Columbia for a barbecue sandwich for lunch.  Sure beat the Wendy's I had on my return journey home!

Friday nightie had a wonderful dinner to celebrate Kelen's engagement at Leon's Oyster Shop- I had chargrilled oysters and ham hock soup.  Heavenly!
It was a really quiet table, ha!  Good thing we were seated outside.

Saturday we got moving, and hit the grocery for some shower supplies.  The other girls headed downtown for lunch, while I went to see Stacey and Travis and their gorgeous house and adorable boys.

I could have just moved in then and there- look at that beautiful view behind us.
 Harris Teeter had a great flower selection.

The shower was just perfect, and Virginia is set for baby!  We got back to her house and eschewed going out to dinner for all sitting not he porch and talking for hours.  I was exhausted for my drive back home Sunday, but it was so worth it.  A girl I used to babysit is headed to UGA in the fall. Thinking about her,  I couldn't help feeling nostalgic for the first time I met these ladies who have made my life so much better in such a myriad of ways.

So after laughing for about 48 hours straight, I headed back to my monkeys.  We took it pretty easy/lowkey Sunday- Morgan picked up my favorite BLT pizza after the kids were down.  They had PB&J's and goldfish for dinner (mother of the year, here).

However, I made up for it on Monday.  After school, I took Deeds and Dell Harper for haircuts, playground, and S&S cafeteria for kids' night (balloon man and faceprinting, yo!).
 Barber shop.
 This one got a bob at the beauty parlor.

Then we got home to Morgan mowing the yard.  Mower rides for the win!!

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