Jul 12, 2016

Food Diaries

Here we go!

DAY ONE-Thursday:

Breakfast- Think Thin protein bar.  It was one of those mornings that I was starving right when I woke up, so protein bar for the win while I get everyone dressed and together for day, before we head out to Jazzercise.

Lunch #1- Green smoothie- stopped at Tropical Smoothie Cafe after jazz and picked up an early lunch of smoothies for the kids and myself on the way out to the suburbs for open gym at the gymnastics place. I got mine without sugar, but I have a feeling it had a lot of apple juice in it, ha!  Otherwise it was cucumber, green apple, kale, spinach, celery & kiwi.

Lunch  #2- After we got home from jumping for a couple hours, Deeds went down for nap, DH had rest time.  I worked and munched on field pea salad, brie and crackers (x2- I went back for a second helping).


I was feeling peckish while making our stir fry for dinner, so I made a GIANT iced decaf coffee, with a ton of 2% milk, some stevia and cinnamon to get me through.

 Dinner- Skinnytaste Beef and Broccoli with brown rice.  I forgot to take a picture.

Snack #2- a cup of steamed milk with vanilla and cinnamon, honey and or stevia before bed.  It helps this pregnant lady sleep and my dreaded nighttime reflux.

DAY TWO- Friday:

Breakfast: Avocado Toast.  Hurrah!  My avocado is finally ripe!  Whole grain bread (Dave's thinly sliced, to be exact), with a lacing of olive oil, and a quarter of an avocado mashed on top, then some sea salt.

Snack #1- a cup of 1% chocolate milk after Jazzercise.

Lunch: We hit the pool, and was pumped to see Baja Fish Tacos as the special.  They were delicious! Grilled tilapia on a flour tortilla with pineapple salsa.  And fruit on the side.

Snack #2- 2% cherry Fage Greek Yogurt.

Dinner- My father-in-law came in town, and we had pork tenderloin, field pea salad, caprese salad, and corn on the cob.  Except I left out the corn on the cob- ever since and unfortunate incident with corn, braces and preteen angst it's something I avoid.

Snack #3- steamed milk (same as previous night).

DAY THREE- Saturday:

Breakfast:  More avocado toast, except I add two hardboiled eggs this time for a little protein power.
 Morgan and my father-in-law take the kiddos off so I can do some housework, as well as have a little peace and quiet.

Snack #1- a handful of cherries and a string cheese.

Lunch-  I find some of Martha Stewart's chicken soup in my freezer, hurrah!  It's just chicken, carrots, celery, onions and parsnips, and so good when you are feeling run-down.  I grate a smidge of parmesan on top.

Snack #2-

Morgan made dark chocolate Ghirardelli brownie/cookie bars last night.  I resisted the night before (not out of willpower- just because of reflux reasons).  I give in once Deeds goes down for his nap, while DH is checking out a dino exhibit at the museum with Morgan and Pop-Pop.  It's delicious, and I have another piece after this one (smaller though, ha!) and a glass of milk.

Dinner- We order a loaded pizza and Greek salad from our favorite neighborhood place.  This is half of a piece.  I had the other half and some more salad as well.  YUM!

Snack #3- steamed milk.

Well, this was an interesting experiment.  I definitely feel like I ate healthier than I might of, knowing I was holding a mirror up to my choices.  Also, there are things not pictured- my daily Diet Coke (oh, how I love thee), a handful of pretzels at the pool, or what have you.  And, man!  I eat a lot of dairy.  Part of that is pregnancy- I love milk when I am pregnant!

So what do you eat every day?  The voyeur in me loves these kinds of posts!



  1. I applaud you for only eating one piece of pizza! Good pizza is my kryptonite!

  2. Well, I am vegan, so my diet is totally different from yours! But let's see...I actually kept a food diary on Saturday/Sunday cause it was my birthday weekend and I wanted to remember what I ate. Saturday breakfast- 1/2 toasted sundried tomato bagel sandwich with 2 pieces of veggie "bacon", tomato and avocado; lunch was green salad with fresh veggies and homemade basil vinaigrette, a pasta salad with the same dressing, and mashed swet potatoes with coconut on top; dinner was breaded/baked Quorn breasts(a vegan chicken sub made from mushrooms-Kroger has them), grilled marinated zucchini and portabellas, and twice baked potatoes-using vegan butter, rice milk, and vegan cheddar and parmesean. Dessert was homemade brownies and vegan coconut whip.
    Sunday breakfast- Follow Your Heart vegan egg omelette, hashbrowns, sliced tomatoes and avocado, and maple tempeh bacon (yeah, I made my own b'day breakfast-my husband at least did the dishes!) lunch was Morningstar Farms grillers prime veggie burgers and french fries, and dinner was veggie sushi from a Nashville place down the road. I was too full for the brownies this night. ;)

  3. Oh yeah, and banana popsicles! The Purity brand. At least 2 of these a day lately. They are my new favorite and I dont feel guilty at all eating multiples.


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