Apr 18, 2011

Dress Love

Thank y'all so much on the compliments on my dress!  It's from Dillard's, and was inexpensive- you can find it here.  Mama's was a cheapo by Jessica Howard too (I'm sure she loves that I just proclaimed that to the internet).

In non-cheap dress news I am dying for these-

 Nanette Lepore
 Kate Spade

Maybe the dress fairy will come to my house.  If so, either or would be perfect for upcoming weddings and rehearsal dinners, thanksloveyousomuch!


  1. Your friend had a really pretty necklace on - (it was the girl in the navy blue dress ) it was a white flower choker. Do you know a brand name or where she purchased it? You both looked fabulous!

  2. haha I'm sure she does! LOL I will say that I think $80 is a lot for a dress so go figure! I'm all for sale prices at $40 - $60 for dresses!

  3. I'm all about cute, inexpensive dresses! I find great ones at Dillards, Macys and JCPenney. I tend to purchase one that has a little more "flare" because I know it is a great price.

  4. have you ever looked at RentTheRunway.com? you can rent super cute dresses like this for like $50!


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