Apr 26, 2011

Tis A Gift To Be Simple

Hubs and I attended a wedding of one of his friends from high school last weekend outside of Asheville.  I just wanted to share this with y'all because I just loved the setting and the darling barefoot bride.

Isn't it lovely?  The bride walked down the aisle to Appalachian Spring.  Hubs shocked the hell out of me by turning and saying "This is our wedding song isn't it?" Flabbergasted, I beamed with pride at him for remembering that tidbit from our nuptials.  He replied, "Well, I had to listen to it for long enough waiting for you to come down the aisle!"


Hubs went to boarding school, so it was lovely to hang with his friends who are scattered about in sharp contrast to my friends.  We all scurried on home after adventures elsewhere, excepting a few stragglers who I hope will eventually make it back to good old East Tennessee.

Speaking of East TN, it never fails to entertain me to watch the change that happens when you cross the border into Western North Carolina.  Thanks to the Vanderbilts, and various other fancy folk who visited the mountains of Carolina, historically there's just a lot more cash on that side of the mountains.  Hubs (an Asheville native), and I entertained ourselves on the drive to the wedding by playing "Tennessee or Carolina?".  Respectable, clean, well maintained little farmhouse?  North Carolina!  Hardscrabble trailer with a couple cars out front and some chickens in the yard?  Tennessee!

Hey, at least we're authentic.


  1. Blue is your color doll! You look fabulous! I love the hay seating too.

  2. I am loving the wedding, fantastic:) And I am a straggler who may or may not make it back but LOVE to visit and get together! Have a great week pretty girl!

  3. I am a Knoxville girl, too, and I think the same thing about crossing into NC! We East Tennesseans have our own charm. ;)

  4. As a native Western North Carolinian.....there are definitely trashy trailers and rednecks on this side of the Blue Ridge!

    You're not alone!


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