Aug 28, 2012

Reading. . .

  • Melissa Clark's delightful cookbooks-

  • Also, the drama surrounding Emily Giffin's husband and Amazon reviewers kept me entertained last night.  You can read all about it here.

I enjoyed her latest book- it made for excellent entertainment to listen to while performing my daily chores.  And I agree with the controversial reviewer that it was nice to read a book of Giffin's which did not glorify cheating!  A nice fluffy read.

Hmmm, what else?  I recently read "Dare Me" by Megan Abbot- one reviewer described as "the Secret History meets Pretty Little Liars", an odd combination which sounded right in my wheelhouse. Stellar author credentials, a good New York Times review, and . . .I didn't like it.  It felt like it was trying too hard, and used vagueness as a way to ineffectively add suspense. None of the characters appealed to me, or felt fleshed out at all.  You win some, you lose some I suppose.

I am currently enjoying Suffering Succotash , a look at picky eating by a recovered picky eater.  As y'all might know, as someone who eats everything, picky eating fascinates me.  The book is an excellent mix of fluff and fact.
So, that's what's on my brain.  What do y'all think about the Emily Giffin kerfuffle?  Interesting, no?  I think her camp comes off a little immature, but I could see how her husband was hurt on her behalf and blindly jumped to her defense.  She should not have gotten involved though. . .


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  2. I love Bailey and her blog! Think i found it from your blog! Can't wait for the bedding line to come out. And the whole EG post debacle does not really surprise me! haha. fun drama to read about though...

  3. I've not heard of Melissa Clark - I'll check out those cookbooks. I also enjoyed Emily Giffin's latest book. I found the drama surrounding the amazon reviews a bit much on all sides. It's just a book people, calm down. The personal attacks, calling the police - it all seemed pretty childish to me. Then I saw people saying they wouldn't read EG's books anymore because of the "issue". That really cracked me up. If EG has a publicist, I'm sure he/she is not amused.

    I'm heading over to check out Peppermint Bliss now...I mean, after work, of course! :)

  4. Oh my drama. Sounds like nobody is the winner in that EG debacle, complaints about being a "#2 bestseller" included.

    On a happier note, I'm off to check out that Peppermint Bliss blog - that fantastic dress is worth investigating alone.

  5. You always send us to the best books. Holy EG issue. I read every line and can't imagine. totally agree with Mel!


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