Oct 16, 2012

Monday Musings (Or Not)

I was all set to get some thoughts down, and blame my incoherence on Monday's haze.

Then I realized it is Tuesday.  Good Lord.

  • I made Ina Garten's Turkey meatballs last night, with whole wheat angel hair (to balance out the fattening delight of garlic bread from the freezer aisle).  As with all thing Barefoot Contessa, they were easy, simple and delicious.

  • Miss Priss went to the doctor for her nine month check up a couple weeks early.

Apparently, all the Greek yogurt she is eating is having an effect, as my little chunklet has jumped from a consistent 50th percentile in height and weight to the 90th!  What?  She is very pleased with herself.

  • I was pleased with myself when all got all my pansies planted in my containers in front and on the back patio last Saturday during her afternoon nap.  I wanted to take a nap myself, but powered through.
It was worth it.  Instead of a nap, I went to bed practically when Dell Harper did, forgoing football watching.  I didn't miss much it seems.

  • Finally, y'all all need to run at top speed to the GAP and get these magic pants.  I LOVE them!  This is my third pair (I have lost the previous two in the last couple of years since I was in maternity pants last fall).
They are just as magical as that Lilly dress- they suck you in, and are flattering in every way.
They are the ones on the left.  Here's an old picture of me in a previous pair.  Best aspect?  They are machine washable. 

  • I have officially had it with both bubble necklaces, and pumpkin spice anything.  Overkill has ruined a perfectly fine flavor and accessory for me.

So that's it for me.  Hope everyone is having a lovely TUESDAY!

Edited to add-
Here is the link for the pants.  My brain is gone, and I forgot to add it.


  1. Here here on the overkill. And for petes sake please stop with the "PSL".

  2. i couldnt agree more on the necklaces!!!! i wont even wear mine anymore because i see them EVERYWHERE...oi vey.

  3. I just bought those pants last week and I'm in love! So flattering. I have to order a second pair now.

  4. I have the same blue pots in front of the house and patio, love them because they show off my beautiful flowers. Love the pants. Miss Dell Harper gets cuter with every picture.

  5. Yes - enough with the bubble necklaces. I love the Gap Really Skinny pants. They are indeed magic! I bought my first two pairs in various stages of post-baby chub so I need to buy a new pair for fall.

    I can't get enough of the adorable pictures of Dell Harper covered in yogurt - too sweet!

  6. Co-sign on pumpkin & bubble necklace overkill -- can I add chevron *everything* to this "Over It" list?

  7. I can't believe that precious girl is almost NINE months old!! What on Earth?! Where did 2012 go?


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