Oct 25, 2012

Quick Update

As usual, I am being run a bit ragged.  We had a ball down in Atlanta last weekend for Jessie's wedding.  She was gorgeous, relaxed and glowing- all in all, a perfect bride.  We had the best bridesmaid dresses- I loved them.  They are Jenny Yoo (and like the much-missed Barbie Dream Car-convertible!)  We each transformed the strapless numbers after the ceremony to a completely different dress.  Amazing.

 It was an absolutely glorious occasion, which helped me keep my mind off this little one.  It was our first full weekend away from Miss Priss, but she behaved remarkably well (or so they told me).

We brought back these two baby Adirondack chairs from the Ace Hardware in Peachtree Battle, spotted while running in to the Publix for some beverages.  After all, every child knows that the benefit of your parents being gone is a consolation prize upon their return.  Until you get to be a teenager, when the prize is the giant party you throw.  Even the Cosby kids did it, albeit in a booze-free fashion.

So, the chairs have a new purpose besides sitting now.  Someone has decided to use it to pull up.  What?  I just got used to the crawling!  Oh, law.  

And we are off once again, to celebrate Miss Leigh's nuptials this weekend in Pawley's.  My liver is not going to know what to do with itself, after 2 child free weekends in a row.  Lucky for my liver, we will have to be pretty tame Saturday night, as we will be faced with the long haul home and a teething baby upon our return.  My poor parents will likely sitting on the front stoop, desperate to pawn off their sweet little granddaughter, when they experience the hell that is Miss Priss Cutting a Tooth Edition.  It is a lot of drama.

Side note- I was telling Jessie's mama (who has a mean case of grandmama fever) all about Dell Harper- I mentioned how dramatic she is.  Mrs.Smith snorted and said "I wonder where she gets that from, SAMMA!"  Yep.  Comes by it naturally, I suppose.  Poor Hubs.

So off to watch this Bachelorette become a wife!  If you see a squalling baby and a bedraggled set of grandparents roaming around my neck of the woods, feel free to offer some help!  Or Tylenol.

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  1. Bwahaha. I need to see that bmaid dress before and after style. AWESOME. Have fun this weekend!!


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