Jun 17, 2013

Summer Reading

So, in case you are interested in some light reading recommendations-

 Oh, this book detailing the lives of outrageously wealthy Singaporeans is too much fun.  The New York Times decries the escapist read as this summer's "Bergdorf Blondes".  It's outrageous, and hilarious, as well as being a twinge educational about another culture.  Hey, we get our culture where we can during the summer months around here.  I'm a bit sparse on the intellectual front these days.

I downloaded this debut novel on a whim the other night, while suffering the throes of insomnia.  Although it's rather formulaic, this novel chronicling the travails of a young Manhattan divorce attorney from North Carolina is well-written and a fun diversion.  As a lawyer, I enjoyed the legal stuff (the author is a former divorce attorney) and depiction of big firm life, with all its insanity.

Finally, I'm reading some nonfiction with my remaining few brain cells.  Do not fear though, it reads like a novel.

It's a fascinating portrait of the 1960's, the space program, and the pressure placed on astronauts' families to be perfect.  Be prepared to have google image handy, because The Astronaut Wives CLub does contain pictures, but you will want to see more of each of the couples discussed.

I'm off to read about the Apollo missions now- can't put it down!

What have y'all been reading?  Obviously, I am mentally prepared for fluff only these days.  No heavy tomes allowed.


  1. oooh all of these look like fun reads! I just finished the Tao of Martha, and am reading a Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy.

  2. I just put holds on all 3 of these at the library. Did you see the piece on CBS Sunday Morning about the AWC? It was so interesting!

  3. Love this! I'm drafting a post myself about my summer reading plans. So interesting about this astronaut wives club! I will add to my list for sure.

  4. Oh, I've heard good things about the Astronaut's Wives Club. Someone told me that their groupies are called Cookies and we cracked up about that forever. Ok, a lot of wine was involved...

  5. I always love your book recs! I've been on a serious reading kick. Just finished Mary Coin (Marissa Silver) and Looking For Me (Beth Hoffman). I adored both and could not put them down. I definitely want to read the Astronauts Wives Club now - sounds fascinating. xo

  6. "I am mentally prepared for fluff only these days." hahaha! that's exactly how I feel this summer! No heavy, deep and real novels allowed! Thank you for your lighthearted recommendations! My summer book recommendation is by author Gemini Adams entitled, “The Facebook Diet.” (http://www.unplugseries.com/). What makes this book so unique is that the author is also an artist and has made 50 very funny illustrations that all begin with, “You know you’re a Facebook addict when….” The book is so relevant in today’s digital world and really makes the reader want to re-evaluate their time spent on social media! The author doesn’t just poke fun at our Facebook adoration but suggests unplugging once in a while – a digital detox! (that’s why this book is part one of the Unplug Series). I think it’s a fun, entertaining read for the summer, hope you will check it out


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