Sep 24, 2013

Little Minnie Mouse

 Dell Harper attended a birthday party this very rainy Saturday.  Relocated from the host's backyard to the church fellowship hall, I am eternally grateful for space for toddler energy to fly.  We have had a birthday party every weekend lately, and I just LOVE it!

 The theme was Minnie Mouse, and we dressed accordingly.  I was not reluctant, as it was conveniently Georgia colors as well. (Side-note, in general I am a terrific speller [but terrible typist, hence typos abounding in my posts] but "convenient" has always been impossible for me to type/spell correctly.  Am I the only one?).

 So, kids' birthday parties- great excuse to get out of the house, have your child work off some energy while you socialize.

 And a wonderful reminder to get out the camera and take some pictures!

Why is it impossible to get a decent photo with my child?  The mouse cookies she ate with black frosting did not help the situation.

 So basically, this whole post has turned into a demonstration of how charming and adorable my child is (most of the time).  Also, proof to myself that it is possible to take pictures on an actual camera, and while my child is wearing more than a diaper.

Okay, off to prep dinner then get some actual work done during nap time.  I will be back this week with cheese grits, and details about Friday's little hint. . .


  1. She looks absolutely precious!! One of my favorite outfits. :)

  2. What fun! Glad they were able to relocate their birthday party :) Looking forward to hearing more about the *hint*!!! ;-) Huge congratulations!!

  3. SUCH a cute theme!!

    And I cannot spell committment/commitment. Ever. I never get it right the first time.

  4. I know you mentioned the party got moved to the church and wasn't part of the original plan, but I can't help but think what a wonderful place to have a kids party. We are planning Quinn's second birthday and now I wish I had thought of my church gym ha! Dell Harper looks like she had a blast (and mama too)!


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