Sep 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

 We headed to Asheville this weekend for a quick get together with Morgan's family.  Miss Priss wore her Saturday uniform.

She was thrilled to see (and swing with) her Pop Pop.  Later, when her older cousins arrived, her little world was rocked with amazingness.  My very patient nephew, Chase, had a little shadow calling "Ase! Ase!" behind every step he took.

Don't you just love her seventies shag look her hair has got going on?

The UT v. Oregon game went as expected.  Next week, Miss Priss might need to be in her UGA cheerleader gear.

Anyway, I made a wonderful baked grits soufflé, which I will recreate this week.  I planned on snapping a few quick pictures of the leftover grits after dinner Saturday (discreetly, in order to not appear like a complete weirdo in front of the in-laws), but they were completely gone!.  Not a single grit left.  I was preening with pride (and a bit regretful that I did not eat more).

I hope y'all enjoyed beautiful fall weather and excellent football this past weekend!


  1. Goodness, she is cute! And growing so fast!

  2. Well, she grew up quickly! Look how big she is! She's also your mini!

  3. Love her orange!! Glad the weather here in NC treated you well this weekend :)


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