Oct 23, 2013

A Minor (Maternity) Rant

Why oh why can I not find maternity clothes that suit my taste?  This is what I want.

Too bad they cost from $158 to $318.  That's not in the budget.

Why can I not find flowy clothes that skim over my tummy for a reasonable price?

Or else, I would like classic, modest yet flattering clothing?

Arrgh, I need to resume my search for a seamstress.

How cute would I be chasing after Miss Priss in one of these ensembles?

 Or these fall looks are just too perfect!

Colorful, simple clothing.  They have no words emblazoned across the stomach, nor do they show one's belly button.  From the abundance of skin tight styles on the market, I must be the only person whose waist is immediately replaced by love handles the minute I find out I am with child.  No amount of ruching can disguise that.  Why are the flowy tops which abound at Anthropologie or the drapey numbers I recently purchased at Gap not available for maternity?   I know I can buy larger sizes, but then the shoulders and sleeves swallow me, and the lengths rapidly become too short.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

If I could design and produce my own clothes, I would make a simple capsule wardrobe of leggings and skinny pants, with A-line sleeveless tunics that I could layer with long sleeved tees, and short A-line swingy dresses.   Some swingy soft long sleeved tunic tops.  Long cardigans in bright colors. All machine washable and appropriate for toddler chasing, yet presentable and chic.

Instead, I am presented with this as a cute and affordable option.

If the poor model looks lumpy, a mere mortal like myself has no chance.  And this offering is from Gap!  Don't even get me started on Motherhood Maternity's offerings.

I will quit complaining, and go back to my quest for loose swingy tops.  Have any of y'all worn those Piko tops while pregnant?  I've thought about trying that, but I am almost in the third trimester.  How long would they last me?

If I am ever pregnant again, I am creating my damn capsule collection well beforehand when I still have some energy.  Better start learning to sew now.


  1. The selection of clothes when I was pregnant with my son were very slim too. I was working then, so it was a different kind of clothing that I needed, as opposed to what I would need now that I'm home. I think it was easier to get dressed for work since I knew I always had to look pulled together -- and I didn't have a toddler. At this point, since you're almost in the third trimester, I wouldn't want to invest in any of the more expensive clothes. Maybe as the season changes Old Navy or Gap maternity will have more options? Maybe the clingy look was a Summer thing?

  2. LOFT has a maternity line and it's actually pretty flattering and affordable! I think it's only online so you can't really try on first- but I have found they are forgiving in the lumpy areas! ;)

  3. Motherhood Maternity made my puke a little everytime I walked through to get to A Pea in the Pod. Agree. :)
    I actually found some really cute things at Old Navy. Their maternity pant selection is awful, but their tops are pretty good-and they lasted all 41 weeks of my pregnancy. :) Loft was pretty good too!

    Best of luck looking!

  4. Have you checked out ASOS maternity line? They definitely have clingy options, but lots of swing-y things as well!

  5. Try Rosie Pope.... or get you a few Amish tops!

  6. I feel the same way! I would be perfectly content all fall & winter in leggings/skinny jeans and tunics.....but where are all of the maternity tunics this season?!

  7. I'm right there with ya! Everything I have found so far is super form fitting and not at all what I had in mind when I imagined maternity clothes for the past year.

  8. ok make sure to check out H&M as well...they have great basics!! and ASOS was always a big winner for me, too!!
    i am CERTAIN you will find a way to look simply gorgeous as always ;) OXOX


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