Oct 7, 2013

This and That

You know your brain is long gone when you have to look through your camera roll on your phone to remember what you have been up to of late.
 First up, this drapey tee finally arrived from Gap today (I ordered it two weeks ago).   I love it!  I got navy, plum and white (they did not have my size in the gray, boo!).    I wish clothing manufacturers made maternity clothes like this- flattering and disguising instead of all this skin tight biz.  I have no desire for people to see where my belly button is, thank you very much.

I got this cozy number as well.  There is a sale online right now if you need anything from Gap.

A house has been going up down the street from my parents' the last few months, and we have watched its progress intently.  The house that was built next to it was extremely bizarre and resembles a Southwestern-gas station-cult-compound.  So we were relieved when this number went up-

I was thrilled to find out it was on a parade of homes- I always long to see the insides of houses that I admire exterior-wise.  It was gorgeous inside as well- I just adored all of the finishes (and forgot to take a single picture).
All the details were simply lovely.

Oh, and there was a football game in Knoxville this past weekend. . .

I wore a black dress with white dogs (including bulldogs). Morgan requested that I attempt to go neutral, but it was 90 degrees, and I am 22 weeks pregnant.  It was more a matter of finding something that would fit on my body (and support my alma mater).

We left the game at the half (before it got exciting).  However, after 3 hours of tailgating and a couple sweaty hours of game attending, our babysitter budget was shot.  Poor Miss Priss did not get a bath due to her parents' focus on the football game.  I did tear myself away from the TV to put her to bed, with Morgan periodically interrupting "Where's Spot?" and "Goodnight Moon" to give me overtime updates.

We recovered after a busy weekend with a little Salsaritas mother-daughter lunch date today.
Guacamole was consumed by the handful.

By the toddler.  I'm a few weeks away from that point. . .


  1. Your daughter is just adorable!

  2. That sweater! Last time I looked they didn't have it online anymore. Maybe I should check again!

  3. I got that sweater in the gray version and I love it!! I just need SC to get her act together and provide me with fall weather.

  4. What a LOVELY post:) your blog Is SO inspiring and Im now following on pinterest

    Check out my blog ….with lots of cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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