Nov 15, 2013

Five on Friday!!

1.  November's Southern Living-

Check out the "Beyond the Bird" recipe section- I made this tasty sausage-grits "quiche" (that's what they call it, it's totally not a quiche, but delicious all the same),  and a crock-pot four ingredient pot roast which was quite good as well.  Both were quick, easy weeknight suppers.  I ate the leftover sausage-grits pie for breakfast, and froze half the pot roast.

2.  Pat Conroy's new book, The Death of Santini

I am a huge fan of Mr. Conroy, and approached his newest book with some trepidation.  I was so sorely disappointed with his previous novel, South of Broad.  However, his latest, The Death of Santini is an excellent memoir that is just as fascinating (if not more) than his best fictional work.  I am enthralled, and highly recommend (so far- I have not put it down since Wednesday, but have about a third remaining).

3.  PIE!!!!
A pie shop just opened up in my neck of the woods.  They have pie and biscuits, and this pregnant lady is thrilled to pieces.  Y'all can have your cupcakes and your Starbucks.  Give me pie!!!  Morgan brought home a chocolate pie on his way back in town yesterday, and it was wonderful.  Poor Miss Priss' bedtime routine was rather rushed last night, as all I could think about was having a piece of chocolate pie once I got her down.

4.  Third Trimester- 
28 weeks today! This picture is actually from last week, but I look about the same.

If I squint.   Thanks chocolate pie.

Miss Priss is intrigued with the belly and likes to lay on top of it.  I have confused the hell out of her by telling her there is a baby in there.  She kept rapping my tummy with her tiny fist and peering at it, so I'm leaving that subject alone for now.  We've scheduled my c-section, and it seems frighteningly soon.  I have to get cracking on a big girl room for my current baby. These are the middle of the night thoughts.  During the day I am too busy to bother with such nonsense as baby #2 preparation. Oh, law.

Now that I just have 2.5 months to go, I find my perfect maternity line.  Perfect, although pricey.  It's a bit too late now to justify, but if I was just starting out on this rapidly expanding journey, I would splurge on a couple basic tops, and wear them every single day.

I mean, how could you not?

 Check out this dress- you can wear it with pleats in front or in back for a completely versatile look.

I am working hard to not buy stuff I do not need, but looking at these simple, wonderful clothes just gives me a case of the gimmes!  I mean, it's like they read my mind of exactly what I want.  Drapey, and sophisticated, yet perfect for toddler chasing.  Where's a fairy godmother when you need one, right?

As always, thank you to Natasha, Darci, Christina and April for hosting this link up, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Found your blog through the link up! I NEED THAT PIE!! That buttermilk chocolate pie looks like its to die for!! Love the maternity outfits :) Happy Friday!!

  2. you and your bump are too cute. SO cute!!!! and that pie...oh my goodness. YUM! drooling a little... ;)
    happy friday!!! xx

  3. I'm such a pie lover ... I would be all over that new shop. Especially now when you can enjoy it guilt-free ... I mean, baby needs all TYPES of nutrients found in pies.

  4. Reading that book right now too!! We leave tomorrow for our trip. Pray for me!! I want that pie. You look awesome! Dell Hopper is a doll (SS is having a little R trouble still...). Do you love the tricycle?

  5. Love that belly!! I was like you, hard to justify spending a boatload on clothes that you will never wear again...well, unless you have another? NOT ME!! Cute post! Have a great weekend.
    Linking up with 5 on Fri from

  6. And I shall now reap the benefits of your maternity find! Sure with 19 weeks left it's justifiable??!!


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