Nov 25, 2013

Name Game

I loved hearing about crazy names in your families in response to my "What's in a Name" post from last week.  I thought I would address some of the suggestions here- y'all had some lovely ideas!

yamilovesemma  said "love the name Lily I did not give it to my daughter because of a friend of mine with that name instead I named her Emma which I love too.
You mentioned Ermina, pretty name as well...good luck! Oh I also love Eleanor"

I love the name Lily too, but I  know a ton of little Lily's running around, so that is out.  Eleanor is lovely as well, but I really want to use a family name.  Both Morgan and I are saddled with them, and honestly I can't handle the responsibility of picking a random name that I don't have a connection to otherwise.

Anonymous said "Whats the chance of a surname, like Stevens?"

This is random, but one of my friend's maiden name is Stevens, and she just named her little boy that (middle name).  I like surnames for first names, but I would like a more gender specific name if it's a girl.

melissa said "This is too funny! I always thought the hard part of family names was selecting which family member to honor - I may be wrong! I like Mae and Lily from your FIL's list. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful for a little girl! Or have a boy. :)"

Melissa, I am with you on the boy thing- it would take care of a lot of decision making! I like Lily and Mae as well, but one one the aforementioned little Lilly's running around just had a baby sister named Mae. Problem with living in a smallish town where everyone is always having babies!

Sara said "Awesome! I like Lily. And Rose is a great middle name (not with Lily, obviously). Also, Nellie is kind of adorable. If you did Margaret, could you nickname her Maggie or Mags or Margo?"

Kate said "I actually really love Nellie (the combo with Pearl is a bit much)... Or a variation? Nell? Nella? Do both of your Margaret friends go by their full name? Maggie and Margot are such great names... I also really like Mae and Olive. A friend recently named her little girl Olive and she's adorable."

I love Rose too- but have the same problem with a bunch of little Roses which are currently running amok.  We have talked about Maggie- I love it, and it is a consideration for sure!  

Nellie reminds me of Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie.  I can't get past that.

Nealie said "love Francis- call her Cissa- Easy for DH to say! I am a Cornelia Emilen- but I only have boys but would have used Cornelia and done Lelia. I say use Samma too!"

I love Francis also, but once again there are several Francis/Frances cuties in my extended circle.  Maybe my friends should stop having babies with family names, so there would be some good ones left for the rest of us!

Finally, Lissa suggested Bromley Faye, which is darling, except for the fact that my last name is Bromley, so. . . 


  1. So funny! I love this topic. Our girl name is not a gender-specific family name, but it is a surname. We were, fortunately, blessed with lots of good girl family names and all the boy family names that I love leave me robbing my brother of any options ;) And we know that Todd and I have a tendency to have boys ;) We did have some doozies though... Leon, Leora, Ronald, Myrtle (a woman), Opal, Fred, LaRue (not a dog), Cecil (not Cecile).... my grandmother was Lillie Mae and I still love that name despite all the Lilly, Lily, Lillies running around... but my cousin named her daughter Lily. Oy. I know y'all will choose a great name with a strong family connection ;) xo

  2. "... honestly I can't handle the responsibility of picking a random name that I don't have a connection to otherwise." YES! We already have two girls names picked, and while we argue which is better, all four (both first and middle names) are family names. I am determined that my daughter will carry on the Lake family name. I should toss out my grandmother's name, Bertha, and see how Michael reacts ha! I always wanted to use my grandfather's (and great grandfather's) middle name, Addison, but thanks to Greys Anatomy... well you know.


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