Jan 29, 2014

Still Kicking!

Barely.  I am worn out.  Dell Harper has a lovely low key birthday celebration Monday (two years old! what?!?).  I was relieved to celebrate her birth without being interrupted by giving birth to her new baby brother or sister.

We had a lovely quiet little celebration at home.  Miss Priss had asked for a "blue cake", so Mama whipped up this delightful confection.  Dell Harper was overjoyed, and we all enjoyed cake before pizza at her insistence.
 She was just thrilled to have cake, and a birthday hat.  I had to make an emergency run to Target for said hat, as I had completely forgotten about getting her one until she mentioned it.  Oops.

We continued the birthday festivities with a little party during morning snack at school yesterday- I brought in blueberry muffins and juice.  I think DH was more excited to have me sit with her at school than the actual treat.

I just love all her little buddies and school.  I was looking forward to finishing up lots of loose ends for work, and getting organized for the big day.  Unfortunately, we were all caught by surprise by snow!  It was supposed to miss us, but school was let out at 11.  So much for getting stuff done.

Now the ground is blanketed in 3-4 inches of snow, which normally would be magical and super fun.  Except that I am all set to give birth on Friday, and have no desire to frolic around in the snow.  Especially with my thirty pound two year old.  Who doesn't own snow pants.  (Note- how/why does everyone I see have snow pants for their children?  Is this something I am supposed to buy?  It never snows).

Anyway, we might venture outside today, to burn off some energy and leave the house.  Wish me balance!  Other than my dirty house, and mile long to-do list, I am feeling fine!  Uncomfortable, but excited and ready to meet this baby!  It's so fun with the second, since I don't have the crippling anxiety and fear of my life irrevocably changing.  It's done changed already.  Instead, I just feel the excitement and anticipation of meeting my new child.  And finding out whether it is a boy or girl!

I don't know when I will update the blog next, since my posting has lackadaisical without a newborn.  However, I am sure my Instagram feed will be exploding with baby pictures, so please check that!

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this wild weather!


  1. FRIDAY! So soon. I am excited and can't wait to see Dell Harper's new sibling!! She is so cute and that cake made me hungry! We have a bunch of ice and a smattering of snow. DH looks like such a big girl sipping her juice!!

  2. Look at that sweet, smiling face eating birthday cake! Dell Harper, you are a cutie pie! So excited for you to meet your baby boy or girl on Friday! Stay safe and warm in the snow until then. I will be checking Instagram like a crazy lady on Friday to hear of baby's arrival! xo

  3. Sending you warm wishes on a healthy and easy process on Friday!! xx

  4. So glad DH had such a fun birthday! Near-to-Valentine's Babies always get the best hats! Cannot wait to see your new cuddly bundle on Friday - loads of positive thoughts and good vibes for an easy delivery & recovery!

  5. sending lots of good wishes for Friday. Dell Harper is adorable in her birthday hat!

    We recently had a major snow here and also were sans snow pants. I put leggings, fleece pants and then a size too big overalls (all which I had lying around) and while the outer layer got quite wet she stayed pretty warm. Plus, Margot and all her friends had the same snow experience. It's great for 15-20 minutes to make a tiny snowman then they are over it and ready to get warm inside, especially if there is a promise of hot cocoa and a movie!

  6. Happy birthday to cute cute Dell Harper! She looks like she is loving her blue cake. What an exciting week for your family - hope all goes well on Friday!!

  7. What sweet, sweet birthday photos!!! You did the most important things perfectly! Don't worry about the rest. Will keep you in prayer on Friday~ Cheers to adventure #2 :)


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