Jul 10, 2014


So I had a couple of just fabulous posts planned out- one is some fish tacos that I concocted the other night, and the other an interesting exploration of the genesis of the "McMansion" and its architectural failings.

Instead, I got sucked into an episode of some Househunters-esque show wherein a couple from Memphis was buying a house on 30A, so instead y'all are getting a bunch of random half-thoughts and pictures of my kids.  You know the drill.

While watching said HGTV time-sucking drivel, I was cutting up old magazines for Miss Priss to do her "work"- otherwise known as, gluing pictures onto construction paper.  Thanks to Kate for this genius idea.

 My favorite snack of late- a coconut La Croix mixed with lemonade coconut water, and some nut thins and some cheese.
 "I a pwrin-cess, Mama!  Dance to Frozen!"
 Buddy says if he has to listen to the damn Frozen soundtrack one more time, he is going to bust through his invisible fence.  I know the feeling.

 This little fella.  Don't you just want to squeeze him?
 What else has been going on?  Dell Harper has made friends in the grocery store.
 She helped me string beans the other night- really got the hang of it, much to my delight.  I've been waiting for the day when I can put these kids to work.
 We went downtown for lunch on Sunday.  While waiting for a table, Morgan hung with Deeds, while I played and chased Dell Harper.  A woman came up to us, asking for money- a dollar bill in exchange for four quarters which morphed into her tale of woe and hunger and need for money for food.  I got super excited when I realized I had one of Dell Harper's breakfast bars in my purse.  I gave it to the woman (who looked rather disappointed, to be honest).  Confused, she reiterated her spiel about needing money, so I gave her what little cash I had and she scooted.  Probably worried I would start digging more food out of my purse.

All of the sudden DH started HOLLERING at me "BASKETBALL!!!  MY BASKETBALL, MOMMY!!"

It took a few seconds of her growing increasingly frustrated and pissed off before I realized she was saying "BREAKFAST BAR!! You gave my breakfast bar to that guy!  That MY breakfast bar!"

I did my best not to just fall out laughing, and tried to explain to her about charity and giving what we have to others.  Didn't go down too well with a two-year old, who was frankly disgusted at my naivete.  Finally, I just said "Good job sharing.  Let's go play on these rocks. Yay."

What else?  I have not started packing yet.  I have read lots of packing tips on the Internet though.  That counts for something, right?

I finally figured out why it is impossible to keep my house clean.  Compare my darling niece eating yogurt (outside- my SIL is smart) at nine months, with DH eating yogurt at 9 months.
Hmmm.  Maybe Deeds will be neat and tidy.
Somehow I doubt it.  Good thing he is so cute.

Okay, I am determined to get some good sleep tonight, even if I have to crush up some Ambien in my toddler's dinner.  Just kidding.  Don't call Child Services.


  1. On Bloglovin, I read this post title as "DRIVE!" and got really confused when it wasn't about a car trip and also I think I need more caffeine. We're doing our best, right? Have a good day!

  2. Your babies are oh so cute! Blaire would have reacted very similarly had I handed off one of her "special treats." Hopefully the arrival of baby brother will teach her a thing or two about sharing.

  3. I love your posts, they make me laugh and feel real, ha.

  4. I think giving away one of Leighton's fruit bars would quite possibly be the worst crime I could commit in her little dic-tator-tot mind. So much for charity.

    Also: Leighton made that exact same friend at the airport this week. I thought she might cry when we told her he was not getting on the plane with us nor were his colorful candy-coated friends.

  5. Something about that pic of Deeds in his car seat just killed me. SO CUTE, Samma!


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