Jul 7, 2014

Weekend Review

 I hope you are ready for a gazillion pictures of the best day of my oldest child's life to date.


 Decorated tricycle for neighborhood parade.

Post parade popsicle and bubbles with her buddies.

 After the parade we hit up the country club for a carnival and cookout.

 Face-painting, popcorn and a sno-cone for dinner, bounce houses and a carousel?  What more could a girl want?

Little Deeds was not as impressed.
He napped for approximately 8 seconds, then had to go home with Morgan for his normal bedtime of 6:30-ish, while I partied with Miss Priss until way past her bedtime.  I tried to be responsible and get her home at a somewhat reasonable hour.  I should have just stayed for the fireworks though- she was so amped up that I despaired of ever getting her to sleep once we got home.

Saturday night we went to a friend's house on the lake for a casual cookout.  Some friends were going by boat with kiddos in tow.  We decided to get a babysitter and go kid-free.  I didn't want to raise Dell Harper's expectations of life too high, after all.  Boat ride with her buddies after a day of two parties?  A girl's gotta learn that not every day is the Fourth of July, right?


  1. Could she be any cuter?! What a great day for Little Miss Priss! Oh, the life of a toddler.

  2. That OHMYGAWWWWD face is to die for. Glad you two had a fun night out yourselves!

  3. That picture of Dell Harper with her painted face belongs in a frame! She is too cute. Glad she loved the 4th festivities!

  4. Dear Samma, my name is Sam and I live in Queensland, Australia. I found your blog through Erin at Blue Eyed Bride (who I love). I just love your style and the way you write. I love that you seem just like an everyday girl. Someone I would love to meet and get to know. I came over and checked it out a bit and decided to go back to the start, which was a bit hard as you don't (or I couldn't find) have an archive button. So, anyway I just kept hitting older posts. It took a bit but it was so very worth it!!!! I have now read every single post. Love it all!! You are awesome!!!!!!! I love that you love dogs, I do too. I love how you still talk about Buddy all the time and you talk about all the dogs you've had in your life. This makes me so happy. Ok now Dell Harper is just precious, such a cutie!! Love watching her grow up. Then little Deeds, well it's love. Ha! Your Wedding is perfection to me and I love every time you share photos. Congratulations on your new home and hope it all goes to plan. Thank you for sharing your life and I look forward to reading lots more. Oh yeah, I follow you on IG and my name is catsam80. xoxo


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