Nov 4, 2014


Okay, time for a big picture dump, as they are paralyzing my ability to blog.  Time for some bullet points.

 Tea Party- adorable but panic-attack-inducing (please note DH's marker-covered arm).  Next time we will skip the tea room and have a ladies' lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
 Buddy loves the chill in the air.  What a dog!
 I have camellias, and they are beautiful!
 Deeds and his Pop-Pop in matching brown cords (not pictured).
 Deeds' first wagon ride!

 Birthday parties are the best!

 I am loving all the eye candy in Ina Garten's new cookbook- her living room is just wonderfully inviting, warm and simple, yet eclectic.
 My slipcovered antique store loveseats are finally ready!  I love them.  Now time for some pillows and a colorful rug.  Can you believe these were $150 for the pair?
 This boy- just thoroughly edible.
 Farm day at school!
 Winter hat try-on session.
 Wednesday night church parade of costumes.
 Dell Harper was. . .something of her own invention.  It was cute.

Halloween- Little Red Riding Hood and Annie, here?  They were into it!  Dashing between houses, pausing only to marvel at their good fortune.  People were letting them have candy!  It was a miracle indeed.  Dell Harper announced Saturday morning "I'm ready to go trick and treating again, Mama!"  She was none too thrilled when I told her it doesn't happen again until next year.

So that's it- fall is flying by.  I'm not ready for winter, so things need to slow down.  Right this minute!


  1. Love your costumes!! Cutest littlest red riding hood!

  2. 1 - Your kids continue to be adorable! 2 - I love your Halloween costumes. How clever and cute! and 3 - Your couches and living room look fabulous! And what a great price!!

  3. Dear Lord your children are too cute!! The new couches look fab!


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