Jun 1, 2015

Summer Activities

We hit the splash pad last week, but it was a little chilly for my crew, so they opted for swinging down by the lake instead.

This little corner of my driveway is quickly becoming my favorite spot.  I sit in the shade in a plastic adironack chair, flipping through a magazine while I watch the kids play before dinner.

Last week I took the kids to the downtown library, then walked to lunch, and played in the park.
 They had a great time watching buskers in Market Square, the biscuits at Tupelo Honey, and chasing pigeons in the park.  Such urbanites.

 We've hit up the pool several times.  Deeds is not fond of a puddle jumper.  Any alternatives out there?

 He is fond of sticking his head between the stair railing and smiling at me.  I'm quite fond of this, as well.

We had our 6th wedding anniversary last Saturday.  We had a great time celebrating at a pig roast at a nearby farm.

 This one barely left the bounce house, and Deeds slept for 14 hours the next day, as he was so worn out from running around.  Glorious, as Morgan and I had gone out for dinner and drinks after family fun.

We also hit up the strawberry patch for a little (late-in-the-season) picking.
 Deeds was pretty awesome at picking, as he barely had to squat to get to the berries.  Zero made it into his bucket, and plenty of (stems and leaves included) made it into his mouth.
So proud of her bucket.

I'm already exhausted. When does camp start?  HA!


  1. Will he tolerate a plain ol' life jacket? I keep meaning to do a puddle jumper test run with B because I really don't want to invest in another one and I'm hoping L won't need it for long this summer!

  2. I think the puddle jumper is better when their arms are a little longer. Hooray for berries!

  3. Bahahaha! Mac didn't really get into the puddle jumper until he was 2. Give it time. And love that he slept for 14 hours! That's amazing!


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