Jun 25, 2015

Why, Hello!

I have been out of pocket for the last two weeks- an impromptu visit to the beach.  It was lovely, but a faulty internet connection and poor cell service sent me into lovely state of technology aversion.

 My parents recently bought a new house on the bay, so I came down to help with the move and get the Beach Barn ready to go on the rental program at Watercolor.

 I picked up this little dress at Lily before I left, and barely took it off.  It was just too hot for any clothes to touch my skin. We walked up the street a couple Sundays to visit a charming Methodist church.
 Live Oaks and Spanish moss never fail to make me happy.

Deeds and Dell Harper feel the same way about new playgrounds.

 And their Gigi.


 This girl?  Loves the beach with all her heart.

 This one gets a little tapped out, but can hang pretty well.

 A week of solo parenting calls for wine and a cheese plate for dinner.

Deeds had his first plane ride, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

 Thanks children for cooperating with my beach picture.

 The trip was made even better by the surprise of the arrival of two of my UGA girls- I had no idea they were planning a trip to 30A, and they were staying in Watercolor!  I was soooooo thrilled to see Kinger and Preston and their babies.

We added it up, and Kingsley and I have not set eyes upon each other in 2 years! It was glorious!
I told you about wearing this dress every day.  Ha!

Including a date night for Father's Day- thanks to Mama and Daddy for babysitting while we hit up Caliza and Bud and Alleys.  A perfect evening!
Well, all the pictures are now cleared off my computer, and I am sure you are thoroughly sick of pictures of my children!


  1. Love that dress. Looks fabulous on you! Also...your kids get cuter and cuter! Looks like y'all had a fun time!

  2. Love that dress! Might have to pick one up for myself. Monterey tank dress?


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