Jul 17, 2015

Five on Friday- Drugstore Beauty Finds!

My beauty regime is quick and cheap at best, and downright apathetic at worst.  Odd, as I do wear a faceful of makeup everyday.  However, in the summer my drive to fix myself up ebbs even lower.

Enter some fun finds which are easing my routine this summer- all can be found at Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.  If you want to get fancy, ULTA has them all, as well.

1.  My dream product has arrived!

  I hate getting out of the shower, drying off, then getting all damp again putting on lotion.  Just annoying.  I was thrilled to stumble upon this new Jergens wet skin moisturizer- you put it on while you are still sopping wet in the shower, then dry off!  Miraculous!

2.  I've been longing to try some of those powder face sunscreens, since sunscreen makes me break out, no matter what claims are touted on the bottle.   However, my dermatologist visit is long overdue, and with my propensity for losing that kind of stuff in the depths of my pool bag, I have very little inclination to spend $50 on sunscreen.  Enter good old Physicians Formula.

 Since using this CC Powder I have neither broken out, nor gotten too much sun on my face, and it doubles as my face makeup.  And it's under $15!  Winner!

3.    Rimmel Provocalips-

This lip color is really fitting into my lackadaisical approach to beauty this summer as well.  It does not come off.  With sunglasses on to disguise my lack of eye makeup, this lip duo makes me look like I spent all morning getting ready.  And it seriously lasts all day long.  I wore it in bright red (Kiss Me You Fool) to a fourth of July carnival, and got so many compliments on my general appearance.  All thanks to the magic lipstick.  I also have a bright pink (I'll Call You) which is terrific and super flattering.  Here is an excellent and thorough blog post giving a rundown on all the colors.

4.  Self Tanner
One of the reasons I quit spray tanning (besides lack of time or motivation), is Morgan's complaints about the smell.   The whole thing just bugged him to no end.  That being said, like most people, I look better with some color.  This is a quandary since my natural color is clear.  I'm so pale I am so see-through.  Anyway, this self tanner is awesome.  It's a super fine mist, with a light touch on the color, so it's pretty difficult to mess up.  Morgan has complimented my tan several times.  Since he's been married to me for 6 years, he knows it's not natural- he states that this is the best fake tan he has ever seen on me.

Putting this on a couple days a week is far preferable than the tanning bed spray tans.  Get it here for buy one get one half off!

5.  Finally, the last thing I want to do right now is stand under a blowdryer.  It's hot outside, I don't want to make myself all sweaty inside as well.  So after reading about it a few times, I tracked down a bottle of John Freida Dream Waves, which allegedly is awesome for air dying curls and waves.

I've now been blow dryer and frizz free for a week.  It feels pretty good, I must say!

Thanks to the Five on Friday ladies as always!  I'm happy to be back in the blogging swing of things- especially now that I have freed up some time with my beauty routine, ha!


  1. Grrr Google just ate my unnecessarily long-winded comment!

    The gist was: I need that lotion! I just bought a huge jug of Everyone Lotion for the kiddos and turns out it is suuuuuper light and fantastic and absorbs in a snap (I, too, hate being all slick with lotion after a shower). The scent is awesome and non-cloying too (we got lemon coconut). I steal it from their bathroom on the regular.

    Also: Love your blue kitchen chairs from yesterday! I wanted to paint mine so badly but need the black backs (the set is natural wood + black on the chair backs) to make it look as if my black wood frames belong. Wah.

  2. Good tip on the waves product! Our AC died -- thanks previous owners! -- so I know I'll be doing a few more "eff it" days of Work Hair and have zero products other than when I blow it out. SO! Adding to my list! :)


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