Jul 16, 2015


So I've started painting these chairs for my kitchen,

And am dying to pick out some new pillow and slipcover fabric,

And work on some new paintings like these enormous ones I did for the beach house.

Instead, I am working and dealing with these crazy ones-

 Big girl bike!

 Sprinkler and sipping on my sparkling waters.

 Playing with mud in the backyard.  Otherwise known as when mama gives up after a couple weeks of rain.

 Mom gives up even further- mall walking and riding the ($!*!!$$) train at the mall.  I broke the seal after convincing DH for the past 3.5 years that it was just for decoration.  Desperate times.
We also hit up MUSE- the kids discovery center which was far more cost effective and super fun.

My munchkins have been in camp (whoohooo!!) this week and the previous.  I think they are thrilled to be among their peers once again- I'm a little nervous about having to explain why camp is over 80,000 times next week.  It's at the same church as Deeds' school.  He RAN up the steps the first day.  I must be getting pretty boring.

Too bad my two weeks of freedom has been filled with errands and work. I am really craving some nice blue chairs in my kitchen.  I'm sure they will be completed by 2016. . .


  1. You chairs look great. They are the perfect color. I would go with a variety of patterns just for fun and bc I like them all!

  2. Girl! Those paintings are fab!! The kidlets are getting so big! SS also got a big girl bike and it is getting mucho use around here at like 7 at night when it finally is cool enough to be outdoors. Ha. Those chairs will be perfect!

  3. LOVE the chair color and fabrics! Great look. Also, the photos of the kids are adorable. Looks like you guys are up to lots of fun!

  4. Love all of your paintings! How did you get into it? I would love to get into painting, but didn't know whether I should take lessons or just watch some videos or things online. Would love some advice on how to start!


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