Nov 20, 2015

Five on Friday- Where I've Been

1.  On the News!

Dell Harper and I espousing Baby-led Weaning!  Deeds probably would have been more age appropriate, but he is entering the Terrible Twos, and not invited to be in front of cameras.  At least not invited by his mother.

I get rather animated, but luckily I was exhausted which dulled my nerves and exuberance a bit. . .

But I still managed to get some crazy eyes in there.

Here's the link-  if you feel so inclined to see my brush with local news fame.

*Just to clarify, I am not proclaiming myself a "foodie".  I merely said that I like to eat, and cook. *

2.  Constructing a Sculpture . . .

For a flower show where we couldn't use containers and had to transform our flowers into something else.

It started out like this. . .

A girl, a hot glue gun, and some ebay-ed antlers will get you so far.  Then my group came over and we decorated away.

 I was a nervous wreck, as this thing has been occupying what little free brain space and free time I have had for a couple of weeks.  I was thrilled that we got second place and  Most Creative ribbons.  Thrilled, and very, very, very relieved.  Personal pride is one thing, but you never want to let your team down.

 3.  Treasure Hunting-

Oh, estate sales, you and your relish trays get me every time.  I have a feeling that gherkins are going to make an appearance at a lot of my gatherings from here on out!

 4.  Squeezing in. . .

 Some work on these abstract landscapes in the good old dining room studio.  Good thing Thanksgiving is at my parents' house.

5.  Trying in vain. . .

To get a damn Christmas card picture of these two.  Why is it physically impossible for them to look at me at the same time?  WHHHHHHYYYYYY??!!!  Professionals might have to be called in.

So that's about it.  I'm trying to get some pictures together for a Le Tote review, have a ton of books to tell you about, and recipes to share.  Maybe once I get these cards done, right?  Maybe I will send out Happy New Year's cards.  Or Happy Easter?

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  1. You are just cute times a thousand, and great on camera! Very personable and well-spoken. DH with that broccoli, I love it! Great job in the flower show, too!


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