Nov 4, 2015


  • Hoping. . . Deeds will take his nap.  I just walked up to his room with a stern look on my face, glancing at the pile of lovies and books he threw out of his crib.  His mouth formed a perfect little 'O' of uh-oh, busted face, the he grinned in the sweetest, cute, devilish grin I've ever witnessed.  I dissolved into laughter.  Deeds- 1, Mama- 0.
  • Eating. . .  this soup from Martha Stewart.  My sister-in-law and niece had a cold a couple weeks ago, they do (eat? are?, not sure the correct terminology here) Paleo, and Pinterest assured me that this was in fact Paleo.  My sources are nothing but reliable, ha! Anyway, it's delicious and a froze a bunch for myself.  This came in handy because I have been felled with a wretched cold myself this week.  I  added celery to the original batch,  and tossed in some kale to my defrosted soup.  As always, I am a paragon of nutrition.  (the decimated Halloween candy and bag of chips in the pantry is snorting right now.)

  • Feeling . . .very itchy.  In the last week I developed an itchy red rash over my torso and legs.  It is uncomfortable as hell.  I blamed Morgan's scented laundry detergent (he does his laundry separately with fragrant laundry stuff, while mine, household and children's is with free and clear/sensitive skin/unscented/hippie detergent).  Finally, I went to the dermatologist yesterday.  Turns out this damn rash?  Is a precursor/result of my cold.  Apparently, my immune system did not sit well with this cold virus, and decided to break out into a rash.  I'm not pleased.  Have y'all ever heard of such a thing?

  • Longing for. . .a copy of Kate Morton's new book.  A trip to the bookstore is in my near future. I'm too antsy to wait for the library on this one.

  • Trying. . .Le Tote.  My first tote was a bit blah, so I'm hoping my next will be better.  So far, I'm not very impressed with their processing speed.  Hoping that my tote comes by this weekend, but it's not looking likely.

  • Working on. . .some new cloudy paintings.  This (work in progress) one is going to the beach.  I wish I was joining it!

  • Off to. . .fold laundry and listen to the last hour of Robert Galbraith's (aka J.K. Rowling's) latest, "Career of Evil".  I'm hooked, of course.  I love the Cormoran Strike series- highly recommend it.   Time for chores, and English mystery- my spoonful of sugar is a bit violent and involves curse words, but hey,  what can you do?


  1. Loved your story about Deeds :) Our youngest (who is now married and 26) was such a pistol and hard to discipline without dissolving into laughter. A sweet memory.
    Yes, viruses can cause rashes. It's always a surprise when that happens because it's not a frequent thing.

  2. Ooooo I need another podcast! I just finished binging Slate's Mom & Dad Are Fighting and I'm in mourning.

  3. I love Cormoran Strike as well!! Also super into Tana French, have you read any of hers?

  4. I got a rash like that in college - I had a really terrible cold while doing a summer semester abroad, and when I returned for fall semester, I broke out in red spots all over my torso and legs. I remember the health center doc telling me it was a cousin of chicken pox and a result of my bad cold. Ugh, hope you feel better soon!


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