Mar 29, 2016

Easter 2016

 We had a wonderful Easter- good family, fellowship, and food.  And of course, the Easter Bunny made an appearance.  He brought bubbles.

Pre-church quick photo session.  This is DH's new smile.
 And these are Deeds' chosen footwear.  He is now refusing his knee socks and saddle shoes.  Morgan is pleased.  I am a bit crushed.

Putting flowers on the cross.

 I stayed up entirely too late Saturday night playing with flowers and prepping dinner.

I had so much fun doing the more formal arrangements above with all the beauties I found at Trader Joe's, but I must confess, I truly prefer the wild natural look of a bunch of redbud branches cut from my yard.

Morgan, my father-in-law, the kids and I went to early church.  While the kids and I stayed for Sunday School and a butterfly release, Morgan went home to cook.  Well, put everything in the oven.  The night before I prepped and egg strata, asparagus, and bacon for the oven.  Morgan then had to remove the saran wrap and instructions, and stick everything in the oven, which made it stress-free for everyone.

 We also had coffee cake and pineapple spears.  I think the egg strata was the best I have ever made, or possibly eaten.  And I love a breakfast casserole, so that's high praise indeed.  The recipe is here.  I changed the cheese from Swiss to Havarti, based on personal preference, and upped the onion to 1 chopped medium onion.  It was fantastic!

Thanks to a tip from a friend, the ahem, the Easter Bunny found a great assortment of little toys and happies perfect for non-candy, inexpensive Easter basket at Cost Plus World Market.  They were on sale last week, and are probably marked down even more if one wants to be super organized and shop for next year.

It was a glorious day- followed by a incredible two hour nap as soon as Deeds went down!

Easter always gives me such hope and a spirit of renewal- my heart is quite full.  He is Risen, Indeed!


  1. Brady sends Deeds a virtual fist bump in regards to Natives with Peter Pan collars and smocking. I procured saddle shoes specifically for Easter festivities and he pitched an absolute fit (honestly, what he really wanted was rain boots, but I had to draw the line somewhere!). Thank goodness they were $7 second hand on a swap page!

    Mmmmmmmmmm STRATA!

  2. Looks like such a sweet Easter! I agree with you...I prefer the wild branches. That food probably tasted even more delicious since it had been prepped ahead of time and didn't require stress or extra work on Easter! Checking out the strata recipe now!

  3. I'm not sure I've ever commented, but I've so enjoyed following you for years. No matter the topic, I always look forward to a new post from you as they read like a refreshing breath of fresh air sprinkled with the perfect amount of enjoyable humor on everyday life. So tonight I felt compelled to leave a little note to say, I adore your cute little family, your beautiful home! and your blog, thank you for sharing!

  4. Your flowers! WOWZA. They are gorgeous. You know I shall need to try that strata. I currently have a ham and asparagus quiche in the oven. We shall see how that turns out. I like Deed's style. He is just putting his own stamp on his outfits. DH is positively beautiful!


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