Apr 27, 2016


1.  I got a great parking space at Kroger today. And saved $15 with my Kroger card.  Anna, got my favorite bagger-lady, who never leaves stuff out, and packs my bags in the best way.

2.  Tonight's church supper is Zoe's steak kabobs, and Greek salad.  And bread.  And dessert.

3.  Kroger had big jugs of Milo's unsweet tea, in stock and on sale.

4.  I'm eating my favorite homemade tuna salad with capers and dill, along with some Nut-Thins for lunch.

5.  I made jazz on time, even when dropping both kiddos off at school.  This is a miracle of drop and run, good lights, and sparse traffic.  And the instructor running a bit late.

These are the things to remember, when I'm slogging through work the rest of the afternoon, while watching my iPhone slowly die.  Never a good sign when the battery goes from 28% to 1% in 30 seconds.  While turned off. C'est la vie!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Milo's Tea. It is the BEST. Have you ever eaten at Milo's?


  2. Yay for Happies!! Tell me more about coming to Charleston!


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