Oct 28, 2016

Five on Friday

Good morning, gals!  I had big plans for this to be up first thing this morning, but then there was a 3 week old baby that just needed to be snuggled.  

But now, random things I was thinking about at 4 AM.

 I normally am not a jean person.  I think they are uncomfortable, and have issues with length, hemming, etc.  These are great!  I nabbed them during a 3 AM online LOFT shopping spree when everything was 60% off.  They were $14!!  Now they are up to $30- still a deal.  SO flattering, and comfortable.  Perfect for running around with my kiddos, or to dress up when I'm finally ready to leave the house after dark.

2.  Quarterlane Books

If anyone is looking for a Christmas present for moi- look no further!  A subscription box that I can finally get into- BOOKS!  Check out the link- isn't it fancy?  Fancy book delivery service.  I'm sold.

3.  The Podster
 Hi there, baby burrito!  I bought this contraption with Deeds, but want to remind everyone how awesome it is!  Tommy agrees- he is happiest chilling in the sling center of a giant pillow donut.  Why do they not make it adult sized?  If you need a baby gift, or are about to have a baby, get it right now!

4.  The Good Place

Are y'all watching?  You should- it's weird, happy and hysterical.  Just a great 22 minutes- which is about all my overtaxed brain can currently handle.

5.  Fall Fun

 My little dinos at the church parade- last year's costumes (didn't want to mess up this year's yet).

Pumpkin painting!   This was both fun and extremely stressful, ha!  Notice the open front door?  Tommy is right inside, chilling in the swing.  First kid?  I would have been clutching the monitor.  Third?  We'll open the door and keep an ear out.  Sweet little baby.
Speaking of sweet little babies, mine apparently is ready to be snuggled again by the sound of the little cries coming from the swing.  Thanks to the Five on Friday ladies as always!!



  1. Thank you for the Podster recommendation, looks so comfy :)

  2. Adorable babies!! I am impressed you are blogging and juggling 2 kids plus a new baby. GET IT GIRL.

  3. Definitely checking out the book subscription box! Thanks for sharing :)



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