Oct 6, 2016

Down to the (BABY!!) Wire

Get ready for a lot of pictures!

 We had a great time celebrating Morgan's birthday- the kids and I made a yellow sheet cake with dark chocolate icing, courtesy of the always wonderful and oh-so reliable, Ina Garten.  Recipe here.

Then last weekend was a whirlwind- after taking the kids to the zoo, and Walmart during the previous week without going into labor, I decided to cram everything in I can before this baby gets here.
 We went to Greekfest Friday night.  The kids ADORED riding a "BIG ORANGE SCHOOL BUS!!" from the parking area to the Greek Orthodox church.  Deeds then had zero interest in dancing and playing- he just wanted to ride that bus again.

All these buddies had a great time on the dance floor.  I had a great time eating food.  Lots of it.
 Deeds was thrilled to run through the tunnel Saturday morning for big sister's final soccer game of the season.

Saturday afternoon a babysitter arrived, so we could go watch the UGA-UT game in relative peace.  I was, as always pretty neutral.  I look at that game as a win-win for me.  I look normal from the front, I swear- but check out that side view.  Whoa, mama!

Everyone around these parts was pretty excited by the last second Hail Mary pass for the Vols to win. I was relieved that this baby wouldn't come into the world with an extremely depressed father.

I tried to get one nice picture with me and the kids before church.  Not happening apparently.  My life is already chaos, and only getting nuttier.
So today was one last jazz class (here with one of my fave instructors), Walmart, planting my containers, putting sheets, bumpers, etc. on the crib, doing last minute loads of laundry, and making some chili for dinner.

Tomorrow morning we take the kiddos to school then head to the hospital!  That tickles me to no end.  I am still thinking girl, but cannot WAIT to find out.  What's your guess?



  1. Girl!!! Good luck, hope it all goes well!! So exciting...babies are a blessing. ����

  2. You look amazing!! Best wishes for a healthy baby and easy recovery!

  3. I am unnaturally excited (creep alert) to "meet" this baby and hear his/her name! You look absolutely FANTASTIC! Happy Baby Day tomorrow!

  4. Girl, way to finish strong! Best of wishes tomorrow!

  5. Where is that gorgeous cream sweater from?! Love!!!


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