Dec 13, 2016

Procrastination. . .and pumping

Yesterday I sat in a continuing legal education seminar.  Eight hours in a Holiday Inn Select conference room.  It was rather brutal.  Especially with an eight week old baby with a sitter at home (Side note- this is when I went back to work with Dell Harper.  No wonder I cried for two weeks every morning in the elevator!).

However, I have hours to be done before the end of the year, and have waited until the last possible moment, per usual.

Anyway, I was texting with a friend about how I was just dreading pumping in the handicapped stall of the public bathroom, or in my cold car.  She mentioned that she saw on the Today show a segment about a woman needing to pump during a meeting and the hotel gave her a room.

I tentatively asked the desk clerk if there was a place I could pump. . .

Lo and behold! She quickly gave me a key to the nearest open room without any questions! It was so kind and convenient.

So PSA for all of you people like myself who don't plan real good. . . if you are stuck in a conference room needing to pump, just ask!  This might be common knowledge, but in (almost) 5 years of motherhood, this is a first for me!

Now for a cute picture of said children-


  1. CLE is the wooooooooooorst! Texas gives you until the last date of your birth month and I am forever cursing February for being so damn short.

  2. Ladies, might I suggest - quality of information and speakers varies, but quick and easy online way to satisfy your CLE requirements (and multitask). =)


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