Jan 13, 2017

Five on Friday

How about a little Friday the 13th blogging?

1.  Christmas Joy!

Why does everyone refuse to cooperate in my quest for quality family photos?!

 We had a wonderful Christmas, full of laughter and delight.  And chaos, ha!

2.  Lakeshore Learning
Have y'all ever ordered toys from Lakeshore Learning?  I cannot recommend it enough!  DH can't quit playing with her enormous crafting box comprised of little drawers of cool art supplies, and they both love Deeds' magnetic building forms.  Quality toys, and great prices.  Check it out!  For once I am so thrilled they sent me a ton of catalogs.

3.  New Workout Clothes!!!

It's time to get serious about losing this baby weight that is lingering (malingering). . . (typed as I eat a cookie).  I ordered these leggings from LOFT- they are a steal (currently 60%), and so cute on!

4.  Snow!!

We were at the Greenbrier this past weekend (more on that later), and came home to snow!

 Tommy was not having it!!  At all.

When not being put in the snow, he is the happiest little guy.  Such a smiley baby!! I can't believe he is already three months old (sob!).

5.  StyleWe

So, the constant ads finally intrigued me enough to check out StyleWe.  I was concerned it was like one of the Chinese sites frequently lampooned- child sized clothing completely different than what was pictured on the website.

However, I researched StyleWe, and it seemed pretty legit.  The price points are higher, and I hoped the quality reflected that.

Because I could have bought 20 dresses!  Some of the clothes are absolutely insane- in the best way!  Vintage silhouettes, lots of color,  and tons of patterns.  It was hard to narrow it down.

My clothes arrived today, and I am pleased- I will do a full review next week- it's tough because all I could find online were sponsored reviews.  Honestly, it's hard for me to fully trust a random youtube video by a sponsored blogger.

My only resolution this year is to blog more!  Let's see if I can get back into the swung of things.  I'm finally getting back in the kitchen.  It feels so wonderful to enjoy cooking again!  I hadn't realized how much I missed it after avoiding cooking while throwing up for nine months.

Thanks to the Five on Friday ladies for hosting the linkup!


  1. HI! Tommy is so cute. You are too! I love that fashion website. Those dresses are pretty. You are right about the silhouettes being fab. I need to get back into freezer meals, that is one of my goals for this winter.

  2. Is Tommy lying on a Pello pillow? I'm in Knoxville, too, and am wondering if you purchased locally. Thanks!

  3. Adorable kid pictures...and I need to get my hands on those dresses!


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