Feb 6, 2018

A Magical Weekend at the Greenbrier

We went last year with Morgan's family to The Greenbrier, and fell in love with the place.  After making it through a weekend with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 3 month old, I was thrilled to back with no one under the age of 25.  Or, ahem, 35 if I'm being accurate here..

A perfect weekend of utter relaxation and laughter.   It felt so nice to be properly attired like an adult instead of in worn Old Navy running tights and a frayed top.  Hair down and makeup on, wearing dry clean only without fear of snotty noses, or peanut butter hands?  Just blissful!

The most taxing thing I did was swan about the pool and swim a few slow laps.

But mainly I lounged, read magazines and books, and admired the fabulous Dorothy Draper decor.

My favorite parts included the breakfast buffet.  Now, I am a buffet snob (as in, I don't like them).  The Greenbrier's?  There is nothing to be snobbish about- it's fantastic!  I spent an hour at breakfast each morning, leisurely reading the paper, drinking coffee, and staring into space unimpeded by small, demanding voices.  It was AMAZING!!!
We did the "escape room" one afternoon, which was surprisingly really fun.  None of us had done one before, and we all went in doubtful of how enjoyable it would be. It was great!  I might become an escape room junkie.
In other surprising news, I had a great time at the casino.  I normally see casinos as a bit too fanny pack, not enough James Bond for my taste.  I'll take this casino any day.  And I LOVE playing cards- so blackjack was a very nice change of pace from our normal Saturday night.

My only quibble with the experience was the food other than breakfast. Y'all know I love to eat, and, although Morgan says otherwise, I'm not a food snob!  I just expect at a certain price point my food to be prepared correctly.  We all got the giggles when eating at the Italian restaurant when my Veal Marsala came out.  I think it might have been the West Virginia version, because it looked and tasted just like country fried steak.  At a gas station, prepared last week.

At least it saved me from overeating!

  We woke up Sunday morning to quite a bit of snow.
 It was just magical, and made leaving that much more difficult. Also, it was literally difficult to leave as the interstate had about 4 inches of accumulation that hadn't been treated or cleared.

 We finally made it home, and I was thrilled to see those babies!  Tommy apparently now prefers my mama, as he bawled when she left, and kept squirming out of my arms to go to her.  I apparently did the same thing to my mom when I was about his age.  Although she has been gone for 10 days not 2, but bygones. . .

I don't leave my kids to go out of town very much, and I think I need to remedy that (watch out, Mama/Gigi! More babysitting ahead!).  I cam back so renewed, relaxed, patient and above all, appreciative of my children.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder indeed!

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