Jan 31, 2018

A Day in the Life (Normal-ish)

Well, I was planning on attempting to do a more typical Day in the Life post, but Dell Harper was feeling a bit puny, so she stayed home on the day at hand.  Such is life! This is from last Thursday:

Middle of Night and Crack of Dawn:
Dell Harper got in bed with us around 2, preventing anyone from sleeping, and explaining her subsequent  reluctance to attend school.  Deeds then woke up at 5:30 AM, and crawled into our bed too.  Morgan decamped to the couch, and I shushed them for thirty minutes, before handing over the iPad (against my normal policy) at 6 AM.  This also totally messed with my plan to work some early this morning, because I can barely open my eyes.

6:30 AM Tommy is up, and I rouse myself out of bed.  The kids are still watching shows on the iPad.  This will end badly, but I'm still too tired to care.  I generally don't let them play on Morgan's iPad because they pitch fits when it's time to stop, and generally have bad behavior after using it.  I feed everyone . . .something.  I was too foggy to document or remember.  Coffee helps me, and I begin to come alive.

I make the executive decision that DH can stay home from school today, as her tummy is bothering her and she is worn out.  Flu has been crazy around town, and I don't want to take any chances.  I pack the boys' lunches, and they are not exactly nutritional powerhouses today.

 Apples, strawberries, leftover Chick nuggets, and cheese and crackers for T-Man.
 Two kinds of cheese, crackers and apples for Deedster.
8:45 AM Deeds is dressed and loaded into Morgan's car for school.

DH and I take Tommy to his school.  I'm signed up to go to my group training class, but I also really want to get some cardio in to up my energy level. I decide to split the difference and do half of a jazz class, and half my weight routine.

9:00 AM Dell Harper is downright perky now.  We go to jazz, then head over to my group training place.  We are a little early so she is amused with taking pictures in the parking lot.

My weight routine for the day.
10:30 AM After grabbing a couple things from the grocery, we head home, so I can attempt to finish a work project.

 I work in my office, while Dell Harper plays quietly in the playroom.
I get stuck in drafting my document so I take a ten minute break.  The bad and good thing about working at home is that instead of zoning out, I have domestic matters calling for my attention.  I decide to prep dinner.

I chop an onion, 5 bell peppers and prick 8 Italian sausages. Throw in a ziplock with a splash of olive oil and dinner is ready for the oven.  And I have to get back to struggling through a tough section of this document, boo.

12:30 PM Lunchtime!  Dell Harper keeps it simple with a banana, applesauce and some cheese and crackers, as her tummy still feels a bit funny.  She is still bopping around, so I can't tell if it's really bothering her or if she is running the long game.

I have the last bit of leftover broccoli cheddar quiche from Monday's dinner, and some cherries.
And a precious ten minutes with The Potlikker Papers, which I cannot put down!  So good!  Also so good?  My much needed daily Diet Coke.

1:15 PM-I work for another 40 minutes, then we head out to pick up Deeds.  On Thursdays I have an awkward 45 minute window from his pickup to Tommy's pickup time.  We normally hit the carwash or library.  Dell Harper and I went to the library yesterday, so carwash it is!

 They love to vacuum, especially Deeds!
 He also loves to sport his headphones!  Which are playing nothing. . .

2:30 PM- We pick up Tommy from his school, and head home! Before throwing them in the recycling, I give the kids a bunch of old magazines, scissors, markers, glue and paper.
 Deeds normally isn't much one for crafts, but he gets into this.  Tommy has a snack while they craft.  He naps at school, so he is ready to roll with us for the remainder of the day.

Banana and Nilla Wafers for the baby win.
 I have a little snack myself- about half a cup of pureed winter vegetable soup that I had leftover form earlier in the week. And another 4 minutes with my book while everyone is occupied.

3:30 PM- The sun is shining and weather thankfully mind, so a scooter ride, walk is in order!  I throw on an IcyHot patch (HA!), put Tommy in the Baby Bjorn, helmet up the kids, put Buddy on a leash, and off we go!

 I love this picture- there was a really cool plane that looked like a rocket ship, so it was must see TV.

4:15 PM When we get home, Dell Harper wants to work on her art some more, and Deeds would like to watch a show on "Wexa", aka on our Amazon Echo thing.  He watches a "If You Give  a Mouse a Christmas Cookie", his current favorite.

I remember that I have a birthday dinner for a friend tonight at 6:30.  I call the friend who organized and beg off, since I'm behind with work thanks to having DH home today, and being up all night/not getting head start this morning.
 Tommy is ready to play, so I chase him up and down the stairs, before settling in the chair in the nursery.  I'm ready to look at Instagram and catch up on the news of the day.  And sit for a second, whew.

 Instead this cutie brings me a book, as he knows I am physically and mentally incapable for refusing reading requests.

4:35 PM- the big kids get a quick shower!  I soap them down, then get them cozy in robes and slippers.  Deeds gets to finish his program.  I throw the sausages in the oven for 45 minutes at 425 degrees.
 Kiddos play, and I try to straighten up a bit.

5:20ish PM- Morgan is home!  This is super exciting because he's had work stuff past ten o'clock the previous two nights.  I'm thrilled to have him home early tonight!

5:45 PM- We eat a quick dinner- freshly baked Italian bread, and the roasted sausages and peppers.

 I'm always trying to get more green in my life, so I throw mine over a kale salad with some parmesan.

6:00 PM- It's time for Tommy's bath.  The big kids come upstairs with me to play while I bathe Tommy, and Morgan "Buddy-proofs" our dinner remains, feeds Buddy his food and cleans up dinner mess.

6:15 PM- Morgan comes up and starts books with big kids, while I take Tommy to nursery for some books, a sippy cup of milk, and bed.
6:45 PM I go into Dell Harper and Deeds' room to finish reading books, sing songs and give nighttime hugs and kisses.

7:05 PM- I head downstairs.  Morgan reminds me that we have a new The Good Place on at 8:30.  This is perfect incentive to whip through my work and really focus. I work until 8:15, then hop in the shower.  In clean PJ's, I feel renewed!  I finish cleaning up the kitchen, reorganize the dishwasher (sorry, Morgan!), fold remaining laundry and get Dell Harper's clothes laid out for tomorrow.  

8:55 PM- I'm ready to watch!  We watch The Good Place, and part of a Drunk History.

9:45 PM  Morgan and I are both exhausted.  We cross fingers for a restful night and go to bed!


  1. Love this post! Our oldest will start K in the fall, and we are expecting #3 so it's nice to get a 'preview.' You may not feel comfortable sharing this online, but I am super curious about how much childcare/preschool you have for your boys. I work at home, mostly while my kiddos are in preschool and love hearing how other PT working from home mamas make things work. Since it sounds like your boys are in different programs, I am also curious as to how that is working for you guys (as I think we will have to do that for a year or two until #3 is old enough for the preschool my oldest two are at currently). Anyhow, no worries if you don't want to share that, but I am super interested. (I tell people all the time working PT is both the best and the worst of both worlds...the logistics are the hardest part to me!!)

    1. I totally agree! I will definitely do a post about it- I will try and do that this week!

  2. I love reading day-in-the-life posts! I really like your playroom. I love rooms that have double doors with glass in them like that!

    1. Thanks! It's probably supposed to be a sunroom, but I love it as a playroom because I can keep an eye on things while I cook or fold laundry.

  3. Love "day in the life" posts! Also, super impressed that you managed to complete a workout despite running on little sleep! I haven't mastered that yet, I keep using breastfeeding as my excuse...egads!


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