Mar 22, 2018

Thoughts on Thursday- Spring Break Reads

I was at the beach last week for SPRING BREAK (whoop, whoop!).  It was pretty cold, but the last couple days I got to put on a bathing suit.  The children, of course, were unbothered by the cold.

Not gonna lie, we were pretty cute in matching suits.

I didn't get any sun, but I did get some excellent reading in- two thrillers and a great magazine.

 The Dry-   I'd heard about this book ad nauseum, but never picked it up.  Grave mistake!  It's fantastic- I was glued to my seat.  This is a more "literary" mystery- loved the Australian setting.  The book follows a policeman from Melbourne as he investigates the death of his childhood best friend in his rural hometown.  One reviewer describes the book as having a secret on every page.  So true!  I loved it, and can't wait to devour the author's latest.

 The Plea- a classic legal thriller, it follows the story of a con-man turned defense attorney as he attempts to exonerate a billionaire tech founder while under enormous pressure to make him plead guilty.  It's twisty, fast and a fantastic beach read.

Country Gardens-   I don't recall subscribing to this, but I'm so glad I did!  Flower arranging, planting, recipes and beautiful garden inspiration!  If you enjoy gardening or just daydreaming about gardens, subscribe now!  I am so impressed!

Okay, off to work and unpack and clean my house!


  1. Last week was our spring break too. We cranked up the heat in the pool - I am always amazed how the kids aren’t phased by the cold.

    I love the matching suits. Where from?

  2. Too cute in your twinning! Hope it was a nice break.

  3. Ahhh the beach!!! How I miss it! Thanks for the book recommendations, I added them to my list!


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