Nov 12, 2009

All Dressed Up in Red and Black

In honor of my one and only trip to Athens this football season, I thought I would grace y'all with some pictures of game days past.

Me, Virge, Purv, NJ and Tron riding the bus (?) around Athens post game, looks like sophomore year?

I think this is pre-game, junior year.

 Me and SJD on the tailgate porch of my house 5th year.

Kinger (our hostess with the mostess game days when we invade her parents' house en masse), Tron, and a strange lady with a interesting dancing style.

In Kinger's parents' garden, my first year of law school.  Me, Purv. NJ. Tron, and Kinger.

The Auburn game 2 years ago, Tron, AGM and me!

Go Dawgs!

This is likely where I will be by the end of the night.


  1. Looks like you're going to have FUN! :)

  2. How fun that you have all of these pictures! It seems like you are going to have a great time at the game!

  3. So fun!!! Hope you have a blast, can't wait to read a recap!!! My most ridiculous gameday story would have to be freshman year going back to the dorm after the game & passing out on my floor w my cordless phone as a pillow (so I would wake up & make it to late nights) only to wake up hours later to 6 messages on my answering machine,ha!! Who uses a phone as a pillow then doesn't wake up when it rings?!?!?!? Oh how I miss Athens game days! Tell everyone I said hello

  4. How fun girl! Loving all the pictures! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo


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