Nov 2, 2009

Another Relaxing Weekend

So I was a homebody again this weekend.  Hubs had to be in Columbia for work, and I had to teach Sunday school, so it wasn't going to work for me to go see him.  So, instead of attending the super fun and wild barn Halloween party Friday night I saw this with AK.

It was absolutely incredible.  Go see it.  Seriously.  Amazing.  I am probably going to see it again.  Really.

Saturday I hit up kickboxing and pilates.  Why?  Oh my new incentive program,

3 lbs- eyebrows done- I need this desperately.
5lbs- mani pedi
7lbs- my hair did
10 lbs- new outfit and/or nine o'clock cotillion gown (more to come on this)

Sunday was teaching my 5 year olds about Abraham and Sarah, then a baby shower (last one for the foreseeable future, thank goodness), for Veaz.

         Me, Peg, LCA, Veaz, and ALE (who's baby shower was 2 weeks ago).  This pic is obviously from 2 summers ago when Veaz and ALE were able to drink alcohol and not popping out kids.

And, although the Dawgs lost horribly to Florida, there was at least this.

I watched the game with my parents and family friends.  It poured the whole game, so I was glad with my decision to watch in front of the fire, with steak and spinach maria, along with homemade apple pie.  Nice to spend some QT with my parents also.


  1. Ummmm- your incentive program CRACKS me up! Get that hair did, girl! I need to start doing an incentive program for myself, but instead of losing weight I need to do one for not shopping! xoxo

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I LOVE the incentive program-- that may give me just the right motivation to lose these pesky pounds.

    I can't wait to see This Is It!!

  3. You don't have to tell me it poured the whole game! I was there freezing my hiney off!

  4. Love your weekend! And your incentive program! I've thought about doing "prizes" but I would give in and just give myself the prize. I suck. I'm sorry about the dawgs! Auburn finally got their game back this weekend, but it's been a pretty dismal season. Grrr.

  5. I've been teaching the same to the 2-5th graders at our church! We're moving on to Moses!


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