Dec 14, 2010

Walking in a Winter Weekend

This is while decorating the Christmas tree.  If I only had my makeup and hair fixed, this could be a Christmas contender. If I only had a brain.  Which clearly I don't, as I mailed 10 invitations the other day sans postage.

Anyway, Buddy does not like a Hubs-Samma hug.  No- if there is hugging going on he has to be right up in there.  We were laughing about it, and had to demonstrate for Mama.  

Saturday was a double header with Hayes one year old birthday party.
 His buddy Fletcher is almost one himself.

 Between having to change half the invites for my family's chili party to include new family members, and all the babies at the party, the amount of friends who have procreated in the past year was really brought into perspective.

Not pictured- Baby Benton, born Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Baby Wiley, born Saturday after Thanksgiving (and their mamas).

So we scurried home and got dolled up for Christmas cocktails.  I said goodbye to my baby, who was dying to scratch up my polka dot tights.
And did not take a single picture at the party, which was very photo worthy.  Why?
Well, according to this pic ripped from Facebook, I didn't stop talking the entire time.  It looks like I'm in the middle of an excellent story here, no?  Hee.

Sunday night got super cozy with a fire, Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and SNOW!
This is what we woke up to Monday morning.  I was too much a weenie to drive the Barbie Dream Car, so Hubs had to take me to work.

I should have sledded there.

How was everyone's weekends?  I love parties, especially holiday ones!  Any snow in your neck of the woods?
And here is one more gratuitous picture of my sweet blonde boy-

He does not like holiday parties.  He likes his parents to be home playing with him at all times!


  1. I have to admit Goldens must be the most photogenic dogs. That top pic deserves a frame in your house, it is so cute. Stinks for me that my dog's eyes glow in nearly every photo!

  2. My dog does the same thing with the hugs! He must be in the middle of it all.

    I wish we had snow! Sad. Stupid Texas.

  3. Doesn't get any cuter than pups & babies! And I love the pic of you "story-telling" - the sign of an excellent time.

    ps: would LOVE to help with some baby shower invites when you're ready! we'll make it very fun

  4. You guys are so cute! Been busy with holiday parties, too. This past weekend was chocked full of activities. Then, yesterday was a snow day for the kids so that made for an interesting time. Hopefully the ice/sleet mix that's coming in will miss us. Fingers crossed!

  5. I love Buddy! You two blondies are perfect together. And oh my goodness, the babies! That's intense.

  6. Your pup is too sweet! And all those babies - oh my!

    Love your necklace and polka dot tights!

  7. Buddy is SO cute!! I vote for mroe Buddy pics :)

  8. Beautiful pictures! and wow - that's a lot of baybays!! Your "sweet blonde boy" is absolutely adorable - he looks so happy and content!


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