Aug 7, 2011

Catching Up

First of all, before I unload a random bunch of pictures on y'all, Buddy wants everyone to know he is doing well.  I've had several conversations with him about the responsibilities of being a big brother. 

So far, all he has done is up his counter surfing and obsession with watching bunnies.  I'm sure when the baby gets here, he will rapidly mature into a wonderful babysitter.

So I finally found a camera cord, and was reminded of the wonderful way I started off this sultry season.  Hubs and I celebrated our second anniversary with a wonderful surprise.  I came home from work, and a work out to this-

The table was set!  With place-mats and CLOTH NAPKINS!  Well, I would have have been blown away by that, just plump with pride for my husband.  Then I about fell out, as the man opened the fridge to reveal a huge platter of chilled shellfish.

We feasted on steaks, green beans, mussel, crab claws, and shrimp.

Coupled with a glass of extra cold white wine, I was in seventh heaven (I'm getting really sad over here, knowing the only part of this meal I could truly partake in presently is the green beans, but that is a temporary setback for the greater good and a happy ending).

So what else do I have for you?

A lovely baby shower we threw for this mama-to-be a few weeks ago.  I definitely paid a bit more attention to all the gear than I have before.  Or at least tried to before becoming completely overwhelmed and hitting up the mini-quiches.

So that's all the excitement off the camera for now. Thanks to all of you for your lovely thoughts and well-wishes!  I will do a post this week to answer all your questions, although I am not sure about a photo yet.  Mama and I agreed while performing a visual survey of people in checkout line this weekend at Sam's Club (during tax-free weekend, shudder), that currently I look more porky than pregnant.  However, once I get over my vanity about my new emerging tummy (I believe my issues are due to the fact that this tummy closely resembles my party all the time I love college tummy that I worked quite diligently to get rid of in subsequent years) I will provide you with plenty of side profile shots, i swear!


  1. Baby? BABY!!!! Yeah. Just read your last post. I'm way behind. So excited for you. Buddy will be such a good big brother. Best wishes and prayers for a healthy and easy pregnancy Samma! xoxo

  2. What a nice anniversary surprise!

    I suggest hiding your scale. :) It's so ingrained in us to watch our weight and knowing I would gain while pregnant meant putting it away. the only time I look is at the doctor's office and even then I try not to dwell. It's so hard though!

  3. Congrats! I missed your big news in the other post - how wonderful! And what a lovely baby shower for your friends. I'm sure you will be showered with many parties as your due date approaches. :)


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