Aug 12, 2011

Thankful (and old!)

Thank y'all so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes on all these various forms of social media we use- I feel so loved!  I am now in my third decade of life, and feeling pretty good about it.  We had a lovely ladies lunch at the Orangery, which will definitely make you feel young, as the lunch crowd primarily consists of dowagers playing bridge in the solarium.  Basically my dream for my dotage, except I don't play bridge.  We'll have to sub in gin rummy when the time comes.

Also, thanks again for all the congrats on the Bean!  I'm now 15 weeks, due February 3rd.  However, due to some complications (a heart-shaped uterus), I'll most likely have a Cesarean on January 26th.  I'm feeling great now, just sleepy and longing for some gooey cheese!

Hop you all have marvelous weekends!


  1. I love that picture of you gals! Glad it was a fabulous day.

  2. What a great picture!! You look beautiful and so, so HAPPY!


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